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Please help us !

Content of the article: "Please help us !"

Dear operation team and players

I am a World of Warcraft player

Taiwan server which I belonged has encountered a terrible thing recently

But Taiwan's operational team treated these problems was very irresponsible

I hope that the US head office can understand this issue is very important

The following text begins

————————————————– ———————–

I am a player with 15 years of experience in World of Warcraft

I love this game very much

I also met so many many friends in this game

Because of this game, some friends already known each other for 15 years

Some comrades go through from teenagers to have a family

Some comrades from college students to old man

"小春Chun" is a comrade who I encountered when I was level of 40

She is very shy and not good at communicating with people in real life

The game is another life for her, she spended a lot of time in this aother world

And also, this world has always given her the feedback what she wanted

So she spended almost half of her life in this game and enjoyed it

She played this player"小春Chun" in this world for 15 years

She is a player I have seen who loved this game much more than other friends

She always depends on herself to complete missions in this game, and never violates any game rules

From official server to classic server

She continues to play with old comrades, and also help many newcomers

But just at the end of June 2020

Her account was suddenly locked

Her account was suddenly locked

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Her account was suddenly locked

For her, it was a confused, helpless and angry misfortune

The account that accompanied her for 15 years was suddenly locked without notice

She is an old player who has played for 15 years

She knows what can be done, what can not be done

She knows that she must have a proper channel to appeal the game management team

Follow the formal process to write a return slip, waiting for GM's reply

The result is that the canned message without any sincerity

Just say "You used an inappropriate program, you violated the rules of the game, and the verdict has been finalized"

小春Chun didn’t give up, she continued to ask GM reasonably to provide her basic evidence and data records.

But she still got a canned message

From here, I want to ask, "The police who arrest criminals need a reasonable evidence or motive for committing crimes. Why the game manager, a game company that has received our money, can not provide any proof in this way, and just gave a guilty adjudgement "

The most exaggerated point is

The game rules clearly stated that the game history records could be provided within 7 days of application

According to the online GM, it must take 30 working days to provide it, and then specifically states that the game history will be recorded for at least 30 days.

According to her "no new public regulations", the game record data provided after 30 days is 0?

This is a malicious act of deception, deceiving players like "小春Chun" who are not familiar with the law

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I believe that justice and rules still exists in this world, and people’s behaviors in the rules and regulations need to be guaranteed, not such malicious deception and discredit

"小春Chun" has been hysterically for several days

She lost all the treasure she had taken seriously for 15 years, for no reason

She has locked herself at home for many days, not eating or working, and washing her face with tears every day, even her family does not know what to do

I have known her for long time, I know she is not this kind of person who can easily get through

I really don’t know what terrible things she will do when no one can help her

I hope my dear Blizzard dad can seriously face the situation of malicious and unauthorized account lockouts

"Rather to get 1000 good players killed than to get one bad players missed."

This treatment is very irresponsible and unreasonable

For the bad game players and the money-making studios that ruin the game experience, they will not achieve the suppression effect

On the contrary, like "小春Chun" who has always been with Warcraft, and the veteran players who have grown up with Blizzard would leave because of this wrong decesion

The classic service is a system reopened by the game company. A game that be made 15 years ago, but it was unbalanced by the bad players and studios after 15 years. It is a problem that the game company should bear and solve. How can it not be randomly punish players who follow the rules

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I am a player who has played this game for 15 years

I love World of Warcraft

Please face this problem


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