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Pre-Nerf TBC is a must after Naxx.

Content of the article: "Pre-Nerf TBC is a must after Naxx."

With all the hype for TBC culminating and blizz getting ready to make an announcement followed by a beta, there is no better time than now to start giving feedback regarding how to get the best version of TBC.

Let’s start with classic and what we’ve learned.

In many’s eyes the biggest mistake of classic was that for the first 4 phases (probably 5) were utterly faceroll content. MC, BWL, and ZG difficulty was the joke of the wow community. This wasn’t a surprise either. Everyone who was involved in the private server scene or just prelaunch classic hype understood that releasing with 1.12 changes to gear/talents/abilities/bosses/debuff slots/etc. was going to make early raids a cakewalk because they were designed for their respective patch. As a result, MC was a snore and BWL was only long term fun in speed clear groups for most players. There was little to no progression outside of the first week or two.

Naxx however has been a different animal for many. Sure there are more mechanics and more moving parts, but the bosses are also scaled for 1.12 debuffs/talents/gear. For sake of this discussion let’s put how expensive Naxx raiding is aside as TBC consumables will generally be significantly cheaper. For the first time in classic, we’ve had actual progression across the board. Guilds are advertising how many bosses they’ve cleared and we’re over a month into naxx. That’s just awesome. The content has been engaging and although it’s expensive, for the first time there’s a challenge.

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Now let’s jump ahead to TBC.

Let’s start at the most obvious point: we will almost for certain get 2.4.3 talents/gear/itemization. To suggest otherwise would be to suggest both that blizz will break from classic precedent and they will release progressive patches, which for all intents and purposes is likely much more work than they are willing to put in. Not to mention the game would be in a constant state of changes that we probably don’t want.

As most know, TBC received major nerfs throughout its lifetime at a variety of times (including mechanics, scaling down difficulty, etc). 2.4.3 would likely include all of these changes AND the final version of talents and gear that enhance some classes dramatically. (See for example Dragonstrike being 1handed rather than MH only so you can craft 2.) Not to mention after 2.4.3 there was a blanket 30%+ reduction to bosses health and damage and removal of some mechanics. ( Edit: as people pointed out this was considered part of the wrath prepatch so this blanket nerf may not apply but the plethora of other nerfs would.

If TBC launches with these nerfs in place, it will be classic vanilla 2.0. Just as all raids up to Naxx were faceroll easy, basically all raids until Sunwell will be stupid easy. This is NOT what we should want. We should be after the original feeling of pre-nerf content that give an actual feel for real TBC content. Pre-nerf will allow for some progression through SSC/BT/Sunwell in particular and will prolong the life of TBC as well just be more fun.

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That said, I am not advocating for the increasing of difficulty beyond original TBC version such as many private servers do. Pre-nerf content was somewhat difficult, but it in no way was undoable for even casual guilds. (Edit: if they put in 2.4.3 itemization and talents it’s possible they would need to scale up just the first phase of raids to account for things like double dragonstrike, meta talent builds, etc. but it would limited to Kara/Gruul/Hyjal/SSC.)

Please Blizzard, do not make classic TBC as easy as phases 1-5 of classic vanilla. Give us a challenge now that we’ve seen how fun the game can be in Naxx.


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