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Progressive PVE Server | Opens tomorrow | Cataclysm Progression

Hello r/wowservers

We would like to remind everyone about a new Progressive PVE Realm opens tomorrow:

Saturday, May 1, 2021 8:00:00 PM Timezone: Europe/London (UTC+01:00)

WoWPortal is opening a Progressive PVE Server as it's second realm which will have a very unique timeline and progression to Cataclysm Patch 4.1 .

WoWPortal was originally opened in year 2019 and we been working on Cataclysm Progression ever since. We have streamed and showcased hundreds of hours of our Cataclysm work and progress to our community for almost 2 years now and we are very confident to finally open our new Progressive PVE Realm which will progress to Cataclysm on <2022-04-09>.

We begin with a FRESH Realm Patch 3.3.5a:

Experience multipliers:

  • Base Rates – x3
  • Boost – Double XP Weekends and ability to acquire xp boost from our store )
  • Boosts will be available only after all Realm 1st 80s

Other multipliers:

  • Professions – x5
  • Reputation – x3
  • Honor – x3
  • Drops- x3
  • Gold – x3
  • Spell training cost – Free

Server Perks:

  • Teleport Stone
  • Starter Mount (60%)
  • Ability to change your XP/Loot rates to x1
  • Weapons Skills increase as you level
  • Leveling Rewards up to level 80

Soulforge Realm will inherit all the fixes (1457 commits) that we have applied to our Soulbound Realm that was online for 2 years, integration of a Flex Raiding System and Blizzlike Scaling System.

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Dynamic Respawn System which controls the rates at which the respawn time is adjusted for high player counts in a zone, this system controls Quest Creatures, Mining Nodes and Regular Nodes.

Integration of an Activity System which will replace a redundant Voting System, your play time, participation in raids and dungeons will be rewarded with Activity Tokens which can be spent on various quality of life perks.

Quest Reward System which will allow our players to collect Quest Cards in order to create Custom Decks which can be used to purchase Mini Pets, Toys and Mounts.

Quest UI System which shows Quest Levels and weather the quest requires a group/raid to complete, this information will show in UI dialogs.

Strict PVE Flag System will make sure you cannot be attacked in an open world unless you decide to turn your PVP Flag on. We do not want players to be attacked and bothered while questing or on the way to a raid/dungeon. If you decide to PVP you can do so by typing ".pvp on/off" (does not work while in combat).

Soulforge Realm will have no custom items or custom patches or any requirements to modify your client, however we will provide players with an option to use HD Models if they desire to do so.

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We will also allow players to use Transmogrification System , however every player has a choice to disable the visual aspect of transmogrification in game if they chose to do so simply type a command in game ".transmog on/off.

We have invested hundreds of hours in perfecting our raids and dungeons scripting, working quests, scripted events, unique events like Battle for Undercity and Scourge Invasion, we pay attention to details and every single aspect of the game.

We have always prioritized stability and quality of our server and passion to create something new, we always listen to our players, we take every single suggestion very serious, we believe in a strong community and toxic free environment, we wish to open our doors to players who would like to join us on a journey to Cataclysm and join a great community that is going stronger and stronger every day.

Our Website: Soulforge Timeline: Discord Server:


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