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(pt2 – 2H Fury discussion) 15 years later, finally got the weapon and armor I dreamed of

Content of the article: "(pt2 – 2H Fury discussion) 15 years later, finally got the weapon and armor I dreamed of"

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First off, here's the daytime version for the complainers 😉 I was too excited after getting it to find better lighting.

Unsurprisingly there were some comments about 2h warrior viability in the comments. Personally I've been 2h Fury and a top parser in the guild since the beginning. AS HORDE there is no problem doing 95+ parses on any boss if you put your mind to it as 2h, and I have some 99s as well (although my Skeram 99 seems to have been downgraded a bit in the last few weeks, grats to everyone coming in and upping their game!).

I haven't tryhard parsed every boss, and unfortunately our guild still haven't gotten a tfury so our threat cap could be higher but here's an example from when we still did MC with WBs (we are still in progression on AQ40):

From my experience (AS HORDE) –

1) The difference between 2h and DW is not as big as it was first touted. Maybe it will increase with Naxx gear.

2) Player skill (and consumes + WBs) plays a much bigger role, like correct rotation and proper execute timing with blood fury, DW, Reck, diamond flask, greater rage pot, etc. (also I see a lot of people forgetting to use Berserker Rage to gain extra rage)

3) You can't quickly gear a full set of warriors with optimal DW weapons, so it's a waste of gear potential to not some 2h fury warriors probably until the end of the phase.

4) Since the difference isn't that big, it's probably better for people to pick the build which suits their playstyle.

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If you want to perform well as here's the optimal "rotation" for single target as far as what I've found:

  • Bloodthirst: Use above 30 rage on cooldown, prioritize over Execute at 2000+ AP
  • Whirlwind: Use above 25 rage on cooldown, while not in Execute phase
  • Hamstring: Use above 30 rage if BT/WW is on cooldown, while not in Execute phase
  • Heroic strike: Use above 80 rage
  • Overpower: Use when available regardless of rage
  • Bloodrage: Use on cooldown below 80 rage

I've made a Weak Aura HUD for 2h warriors that will highlight the "correct" skill usage given the above parameters, if you're wanting to give 2h fury a try it might be helpful:

As for loot distribution, in our specific situation we have two 2H fury warriors and one enh shammy. I've been running 2H fury by far the longest and was also sitting on top of the EPGP so there was no drama at all. We are just happy for each other and I'm sure they'll get their axes soon enough.


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