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PTR Windfury Totem doesn’t work, never has.

Content of the article: "PTR Windfury Totem doesn’t work, never has."

I don’t know how else to report this. I’ve gone through Twitter, in-game reports, bug reporting, telling other players to report it, I’ve done everything.

There is no weakaura or addon you can use to monitor its proc’s, you HAVE to do it by hand. Meaning watching the “My Actions” built in Blizzard combat log, or using Details (or other) to watch your total Auto-Attack count go up as you count along one by one with it out loud.

It claims to have a 10% to make party members (and by extension, you), auto-attack 1 extra time. After weeks of testing, every day, in different ways under different circumstances, in raids, parties, solo, in and outside dungeons, NOTHING.

The totem does NOTHING, no extra auto-attacks, no auto-attacks that are stronger then others, and it doesn’t complete your current swing if some of you are thing that.

The only thing the totem does is have a cool animation when it’s SUPPOSED to be proc’ing.

But I repeat, Windfury Totem does literally nothing at all right now, and it never has during the PTR. It needs to be fixed.

  • SIDE NOTE: While in Ascendance Form, Stormflurry has an INCREDIBLY reduced proc rate. About 5%. This I don’t care about, it’s shadownerfed, but you guys should know the tooltip is lying. Ascendance + Stormflurry is being dicked with.

Edit: Just for further confirmation, I just checked all recent logs from the Beta at and not 1 Enhancement Shaman, in any M+ group or in any Raid that I checked had any damage attributed to Windfury Totem, although one Shaman for example had an uptime of 40% during a boss fight.

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Edit 2: The update they made to Enhancement tonight fixed nothing. We did however get a useless bonus to Ascendance that no one asked for. It does some damage when you pop it to a random enemy within 8 yards. (I don’t always use Ascendance, but when I do, I make sure to pop it right next to my enemy and make my 30yrd range Windstrikes useless.)


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