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PvP “change” in Classic Fresh

So the PvP ranking grind in classic is brutal, and, love it or hate it, I think changing the number of hours involved to reach Rank 14 would be pretty unpopular and feel like catering to casuals.

The part of the grind that I think is most insane, though, is the fact that you can never take a break even for a single week without losing a ridiculous amount of progress. You have to commit to a ~3+ month grind, which is already a ton, but you ALSO have to commit to not taking any breaks during that 3 month grind. If you get bracket 14 every single week from the start of the pvp system, it takes 12-13 consecutive weeks to get R14. The way that honor decays at the high ranks is crazy. For example, if you're halfway through rank 12, taking a week off but still pvping a little bit and getting into bracket 5 will make you lose a rank and a quarter and put you back at 20% into rank 11. It's extremely punishing and basically requires you to never have any real life obligations stop you from gaming during your ranking.

My suggestion for keeping the grind at a similar level that is currently expected while managing the destructive effect ranking can have on your life is simple. I don't think any of the ranking formulas should be changed on how you calculate the ranking earned and decayed on any given week. However, I think that the system should just ignore any week that you would net negative rank progress. The total rank gains (gain minus decay) for any week would be the same formula, but if the result of that came out negative then your rank would just remain unchanged instead of going down.

For the super sweaty rankers racing for rank 14, the grind would be exactly the same assuming they weren't going to take any weeks off anyway. The only effect of this change would be that you would be free to space those weeks of no life ranking out over multiple months instead of having to do them all consecutively. When a fresh "season" cycle is only 12 months anyway, having a grind that takes 3+ months of significant, daily effort is still going to severely limit the amount of R14s running around, but it avoids the extreme penalty that the current system has for any situation in real life arising that prevents you from getting your 40+ hours of video game duty in that week.

For example, this means that you would still need to have a bracket 13/14 slot to advance at high ranks and that even hitting bracket 13 when you're rank 13 would see most of your RP for that week lost to decay and only see a slight rank increase, but it would remove the massive penalty that you get for taking a break for a week.

I don't think I know of a single ranker that I've talked to that didn't have a lot to say about the negative effects on their mental health that the ranking grind gave them when they were deep into it and felt like they couldn't take any sort of break without giving up way too much of their previous effort. I'm all for "hardcore" things in videogames but that shit is just too much.

I'm sure this has probably been brought up before, so what are the problems that people have with this kind of approach?

TLDR: Make no changes to the current Rank 14 grind formula, except don't allow the net rank change for any given week to go below 0. That way rank 14 takes just as many weeks/hours to complete, but they don't have to be consecutive weeks and you can take breaks where you aren't pressured to reach bracket 13/14.


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