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Pyromania: A Raider/PvPer’s Guide to Classic Midsummer Fire Festival

Hello everyone! This guide will cover the aspects of Midsummer Fire Festival that are useful to Raiders and PvPers. It will not cover the cosmetic or collection aspects. I didn't do a guide for the past few holidays because they had nothing worth making a post for. But this is a much different case here! This holiday ends July 5th. These quests do not provide any Reputation.

Ribbon Dance

You'll find a Ribbon Pole near every Bonfire in the world, including every Capital city. Right Clicking the pole will grant you 30 Fire Resistance for an hour. This is a nice bit of free Fire Resistance to bring with you into BWL and MC if you're not concerned about the buff cap! There must be another player using the Ribbon Pole with you to grant the buff. Sadly the spinning animation and the unique music were added in a future patch. If you want to hear the music while you spin; Alliance | Horde.

Burning Blossoms = Fire Festival Fury

When you complete the holiday quests (obtained near the bonfire in any Capital) you'll receive Burning Blossoms. These are not a Currency like they are in Retail. They last 14 days and they have only one use: throwing them into a Bonfire. Doing so will grant you Fire Festival Fury, which increases your Critical Strike and Spell Critical Strike by 3% for 1 hour. If 3 Burning Blossoms hit the Bonfire in short succession it will grant all players within 35 yards the Fire Festival Fury buff, along with restoring 10,000 health and mana.

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You cannot hold these blossoms for Ahn'Qiraj due to their real time expiration and the Midsummer Bonfire requirement.

Fire Festival Fortitude

When any player successfully steals a flame from an enemy Capital, they can turn in the quest in any friendly Capital. Doing so grants everybody in that city +30 stamina for 1h. This buff appears to have a cooldown, but I do not know how long yet. 30 stamina isn't much.

Festival Foods

Doing specific quests such as Flickering Flames in Kalimdor/Eastern Kingdoms or Stealing the Darnassus/Undercity Flame will grant a choice between 4 foods:Elderberry Pie grants 13 Defense for 1 hour.Fire-toasted Bun grants 2% increased hit chance for 1 hour(Melee, not spell hit).Midsummer Sausage grants 23 Spell Damage for 1 hour.Toasted Smorc grants 44 Healing for 1 hour.

These foods all last 14 days online time. Meaning you can actually log off to prevent the food from expiring. Because of this, these will be a fantastic item to save for Ahn'Qiraj. I recommend turning in all the quests on July 4th so you may get the most duration out of it.

Cinder Bracers

So there is an item called Cinder Bracers which is obtained from the Wild Fires of Kalimdor quest (Requires you to go to Azshara, Silithus, Un'goro, and Winterspring). This summons a level 58 Fire Elemental with 2153 health. He deals around 50-70 physical damage, and like most summoned creatures he is Aggressive. Unlike most Fire Elementals, he is not immune to Fire damage, nor does he deal any Fire damage. It only has 3 charges, and lasts 10 days of real time, meaning you cannot hold it for the future. He seems to despawn if you change zones.

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This could potentially be a very powerful Twink item for 3 Battlegrounds before it expires (Untested). You will most likely want to get summoned to each of the bonfires via the power of a Warlock. Due to his low damage however, I don't think it would really be as good as you'd think a level 58 in a level 19 BG would be.

That wraps up the holiday, there's a few cool cosmetics, and shoulders for your bank alt, but nothing else needed for this guide. If you want a complete guide to the holiday, check out this guide on wowhead. or this guide on warcraft tavern.


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