World of Warcraft (WoW)

Questie Update – 31 March 2021

Hey Everyone,

You can get the latest TBC Beta Questie on our Discord.

PLEASE DO NOT copy over your Questie from Classic WoW expecting it to work. There are significant changes under the hood for the TBC Beta, and so Questie 6.2.5 will not work with TBC Beta.

The version of Questie for TBC Beta will start off as sort of "Quesite Lite" — not all the new features have been built, and some legacy features may not fully work yet either. Right now, it's really just barebones questing data meant to help people get to level cap.

We've got a bunch of new features still in the works (, and we'll continue to release them as soon as they've been fully built and tested.

PS: We don't always keep up to date on what people are talking about on Reddit. Taking a moment to respond to a few posts we missed over the last year or so.

This level 14 druid is named Ishamuhale, I happened to have the quest of the same name, Questie thinks I need to kill him.

Response: Long since fixed, just one of the funnier bugs.

The dev of the PallyPower addon (downloaded 3mil times), who is also one of the lead devs of the Questie addon (downloaded 22mil times), just called it quits after the most recent policy changes. (

Response: I don't really want to feed any trolls, but I will say that the Questie team continues to evolve… as an open-source project, it's normal for people to come and go. There's a natural ebb and flow to interest, and availability. While it's true one of the devs hasn't been around much, there's always a chance he'll be back! And while he is missed, he wasn't the "lead" — the title seems to be fishing for a bit of drama there. Anyway, speculation and gossip are seldom accurate.

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All that said, if you have development skills (Lua is pretty much just like JS), and are keen on helping out, feel free to reach out on Discord! We're always looking for new people to get involved! (=

Can't make Questie icons disappear from map despite disabling all options (

Best Response: "This is not Questie its Guidelime."

Hey Guys, having some issues with Questie and I am wondering if someone can help me reconfigure it? I leveled with my tauren friend as an undead rogue to 13 in mulgore, now, when going to barrens it is still telling me to go to starter zone and pick up the quests. I have tried googling but nothing has come up, re-installing etc but nothing resets it. Does anyone know? (

Best Response: "Questie doesn't tell you what to pick up. It tells you what is available. Are you using a different questing addon like aap that tells you which quests to do?"

That said… what are your thoughts about Questie having an optional guide built in. Love to hear some arguments for or against it.


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