World of Warcraft (WoW)

Raiding Guild/Character Stuck for over 6 months.

An entire tier has gone by. I still can't play my character. The gold and resources of my guild's bank are still locked. Support hasn't been able to help in the slightest.

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When my character first got stuck my guild mates and I joked about my character being stuck until 9.1. No one thought it would actually take that long for blizzard to fix my character. Well 6 months, 25+ tickets, 30+ emails, many twitter/reddit posts, and multiple weeks into 9.1. Here we are. I have exhausted all options I can think of to get help freeing my character. I have taken all the great suggestions people have been giving me and unfortunately none of them have yielded any results.

I don't understand how my issue can be escalated 15 times. How many levels of escalation are there? And why have none of them managed to accomplish anything? I've almost given up on ever getting my character back. I think they are getting tired of me opening tickets/not allowing them to mark it as resolved and archive it away. I keep getting the same responses over and over and over. This reply would be fine if I ever received any emails from them. Its been 4 months since they sent me any emails regarding my issue. When months and months go by without any updates it makes me feel like they aren't working on it. Their communication is so poor. Even a weekly email saying they are working on it would be better than radio silence.

Two months ago we did actually make some progress and I was hopeful that we could find a solution. After 4 months I was able to log onto my character again even if it was on the wrong faction/server. (keep in mind this wasn't communicated to me via email at all. The only reason I found out I could log into the character was because I periodically check to see if its fixed.) However this only lasted a few weeks before all the issues with the character/guild returned. When I mentioned that the issues were returning I started getting the template responses again. While frustrated one night I brainstormed alternate solutions and presented them. Unfortunately I was told that none of these solutions are possible (I still don't know if that's true as I have vivid memories of having similar things done for me in the past.).

As a side note I personally found this response as the most humorous one I have received. Suggesting that using the submit a bug report would help after it not being fixed for 6 months.

If anyone has any good ideas on how to help fix my account I would be more than willing to listen and try them out! Thank you for all the help so far, hopefully we can get this fixed soon. If not look forward to the 1 year post ;D.


This issue is very similar to: 2 months and character still stuck


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