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Real Life doesnt have DBM. How WOW has saved me after ab accident.

Content of the article: "Real Life doesnt have DBM. How WOW has saved me after ab accident."

I shared this with a Facebook group and alot of people could relate so I thought I would post here.

Just a little story about how wow can mean so much to someone and positively affect their life.

Came back to WoW 4 weeks ago after taking a huge break (before legion)

It has literally been life saver. Let me explain.

I am a 31 year old guy from Scotland. I served in the military and got hurt, this has left me with a chronic pain condition, disability and serious mental health issues.

The only "me Time" that I used to help with my condition was playing golf with my brother. This stopped when 2 days after I started back playing WoW. I had an accident at home which ended up in me being rushed to hospital. My right leg was paralysed for days and I couldn't move properly for a few weeks. (Its settled down now thankfully) I was left on the couch on heavy duty painkillers and sedatives in horrific pain.

During this time my fiance set me up with my "bed desk" and my gaming laptop on the couch. I literally played wow for the whole day, everyday. Helping take my mind away from the pain and the destructive thoughts that come with it.

I joined a new guild of amazing people who helped geared me up, got me my AOTC and most importantly listened to my problems and helped me deal with them. Spending all day and night having fun is the best therapy.

I honestly think that without WOW this last month would have been a terribly dark time for me and wow has helped me cope with it so much better than I thought I would.

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I'm so glad to be back in the WOW community and I don't see me taking time off for a while to come.

Special shout out to my man Zouldar on Ragnaros, he's been such a good friend to play with and he's helped me so much in game and outside it. To thank him I bought him shadowlands today. Worth every penny. Cheers bro.


Lawgiik / Lawgik / Lawgasm – Ragnaros (H)

BNET: Lawgik0001#2871 hit me up if you play EU πŸ™‚


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