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Reporting a multiboxer got my account closed.

Content of the article: "Reporting a multiboxer got my account closed."

EDIT1: Excuse me if I didn't reply until now. This post took hours to be approved by the moderators, I had other things to do so I left and just came back home now. Will try to reply to everyone now

Please excuse me in advance if I get super tilted. I had been farming Throne of Thunder for months to get the mount ( I collect them and play since CATA, got more than 400 of them ) and along all this time I always met these fkin boomkins standing still for hours farming mobs endlessly. Always doing the same stuff in the exact same order, without ever committing a mistake.I ignored them for a lot of time thinking that blizzard woudn't have cared about my potential reports but after seeing the posts on wowhead about them asking us to start sending reports, I decided I would have reported them.

So on my next ToT run ( yesterday ) I found them and reported them. I was mounted and about 30 yards away from them. They were like 20-30s so it took me like 10 minutes to send out all the reports.

When almost all of them were reported, one of the bots whisped me: " I got an addon that tells me when a player stays close to me for more than 5 minutes. What are you looking at? Are you reporting me? "

I tried to whisp him back but the game said he was ignoring me. I then proceeded to run ToT and do my stuff. Today I receive an email that says: " Your fellow players reported you for abusing the report system ", and my account is now closed until Feb 2021.

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What the actual fuck happened? " Your fellow players reported ? " I didn't get reported by anyone. If the message says playerSS then I am sure the multiboxer mass reported me with all his characters.So basically now a multiboxer can decide if we get banned or not. All he has to do is to mass report us.

PS: I already went on a chat with the gamemasters. They told me punishment won't be revoked. Followed by something like this: " Should you play again in the future, and want to report people you see as bots, care to check if there are players behind them. Send them a whisp and if they do not reply, even if they end up being real players, we will ignore their reports. That said, multiboxing is not against ToS and that's not a matter of discussion nor we think it will be in the future. "

What the hell do I have to do? I had close to 1k days/played on my account!


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