World of Warcraft (WoW)

Rewatch your Dungeons, Raids, and Arena POVs with SquadOV!

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TLDR: SquadOV records and syncs WoW dungeon, raid and Arena VODs with combat logs

WoW combat logs are great but they don't give the full picture (eg: player positioning and movement). SquadOV is our (humble) attempt to make sharing WoW moments easier with friends and to ensure the replay experience is seamless so you can focus on what matters: the gameplay.

SquadOV currently records full Mythic+ dungeons, entire arena matches, and all other boss encounters. SquadOV requires you to have combat logs ON and advanced logging in your network settings in game. Having an autologger addon such as LoggerHead, AutoLog for dungeons and raids OR Arena Combat Logger for Arenas also works. Do not have multiple autologger addons on at the same time as they will conflict with each other and result in no logs.

Check us out at!

SquadOV tracks all your dungeons and arena games. Easily switch between the POVs of your squad!

From boss pulls, to Mythic+ dungeons and Arena matches, SquadOV will neatly organize and record it all!

Filter button allows you to hone in on exactly what you need

Important timestamps for bosses and deaths are tracked on the right. Clicking on the play button skips to that point in the VOD for easy video maneuvering

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Damage done, healing and damage received graphs are also available at the bottom of the video

Here's also me killing a windwalker monk as a retribution paladin

We also plan to include important cooldowns, items and abilities in the timeline so it is easier to track cooldown usages in dungeons and arena matches.

Post any questions or feedback here! We're currently in the beta phase so we’d love to hear what additional features we can add and how we could make this as great and useful as it can be!

Summary of Features:

  • No need for other screen capturing software such as OBS. Records and logs dungeons and raid pulls automatically.
  • View your dungeons and arena matches anywhere, anytime without having OBS or other software installed. All VODs are stored and organized online for free.
  • Combat logs are synced with VODs. Want to skip to specific boss fights or figure out where your arena match unraveled?
  • It's as easy as clicking on the timeline. Saving and sharing task highlights from games has never been easier. Finally downed Mythic Sire Denathrius? Re-watch (and re-hear) it in all its glory by clicking it on your wow history.


  • I installed SquadOV and it’s running. Now what? Hop into a dungeon or raid! It’ll automatically detect what game you’re playing and record in the background. You can change the record quality on the bottom left.
  • I see other game icons in the app. Yes! We've currently released Hearthstone & Aim Lab. This post marks our WoW release and we're releasing Valorant in the near future!
  • My autologgers aren't working! Do you have multiple combat loggers on? Do you have advanced combat logging on? Make sure you only have one autologger addon since having multiple will conflict. Advanced combat logging is also required for wow combat logs in general.
  • Is this Mac compatible? Currently it is not but look out for this in the future!
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