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Rockfury Bracers. Actually bis?

Content of the article: "Rockfury Bracers. Actually bis?"

Hi, reddit.

I see Rockfury Bracers as a bis weapon for locks and mages in all bis-lists. Additionally, since recent times it has become required in our guild to farm Rockfury in order to get prio on good loot (LC as u might have guessed). I have nothing against them and I have already farmed them, but I became just curious how big is that gap between them that it might be worth the farm.

However hard I do my maths though, Bracers of Arcane Accuracy (BAA) win calculations. I summon reddit big brain and kindly ask you to explain me why are Rockfury better.

I am warlock main but I will use mage as an example due to Fireball friendly spell coefficient. I tried counting value of an item per one AQ run which resulted in about 500 casts of Fireball. One raid run should be a good data sample for value extraction.

Difference between the two bracers that I am interested in consists of intellect and spell damage. Rockfury add 6 spell damage while BAA add 12 intellect. Hit, stamina and 21 spell damage are common so I don't count them in here.


  • Base fireball damage: 1k
  • Crit fireball damage: 2k
  • Fireball spell damage coefficient: 1
  • Base crit chance: 25%
  • Amount of fireball casts: 500

Default result:
If we roughly assume that our critical chance worked exactly as it statistically should, we have 500 * 0.75 = 375 non-crit casts and, correspondingly, 125 crit casts.

Total damage: 1000 * 375 + 2000 * 125 = 375 000 + 250 000 = 625 000

Rockfury result: (+6 spell damage)

Due to fireball spell coefficient being 1 they will add 6 damage to each non-crit cast and 12 damage to each crit cast.

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Total damage: 1006 * 375 + 2012 * 125 = 377 250 + 251 500 = 628 750

BAA Result: (+12 intellect = 0.2% crit + 180 mana)

Since roughly 60 intellect = 1% spell crit, 12 intellect = 0.2% spell crit. Also 1 int = 15 mana.
Amount of crit and non-crit casts changes, 500 * 0.73 = 365 non-crit and 500 * 0.27 = 135 crit casts.

Total damage: 1000 * 365 + 2000 * 135 = 365 000 + 270 000 = 635 000


Base damage on 500 fireballs sample: 625 000
Damage that benefits from additional spellpower of Rockfury: 628 750
Damage that benefits from additional intellect of BAA: 635 000

If we also count the fact that we have a chance to additionally benefit from 10 more crit casts with a chance of Ignite and throw some 180 mana on top of that – the question is why the heck is Rockfury considered BIS over BAA? It does look like intellect value is underestimated.

Now, reddit, tell me where I am wrong.


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