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Sargera’s sword will be pulled out by a Void Lord

Has this theory been posted before? I know I've echoed it a few times before, but felt like making a new thread for once.

We've established that Gorribal (Sargeras' Sword) is a Chekhov's gun in a very literal sense, right? We can just skip past that part of the theory? Okay.

Now for the logical leap, something has to be big enough to pull it out. What other villain could possibly reach that potential? The void lords, of course. I think it's a cheap narrative device, I don't like the idea of the embodiment of anti-matter (opposite reality, the upside down, backwards evil darkness incarnate) coming to reality as we know it, but that's where the story has to go, doesn't it?

But it is a stirring mental image, isn't it? A large shadow darkens the blue sky, reaching down and grasping the hilt of the sword. It would pull slowly at first, as surely the earth has settled around the blade. But then it'd slip easier and easier, until finally the blade slips free. What happens next? Would the void lord rend the word in twain? Or perhaps that's all it needed to do to expose Azeroth's soul, so that it can reach in and corrupt.

Lets rewind a bit. How did we get to this point? However many expansions it takes, eventually we have the void lord expansion. Silithus is the heart of the Black Empire. The crown jewel. Why is it that Sargeras aimed there, anyway? Maybe it was easiest to strike at the heart there. Maybe he was trying to kill two birds with one stone. Well anyway, the expansion will surely have Silithus be their Icecrown.

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So, final raid boss of the expansion – literally just a hand. Just like Super Smash Bros. That's as much as the void lord is able to manifest, as the Old Gods conduct their rituals and whatnot. It's the hand descending, grasping the blade and pulling while chaos rains down everywhere, all the forces we can muster throwing everything they can at the hand. The ultimate climax, all of reality hangs in the balance upon this final act of stopping Gorribal from being pulled from Azeroth.

So yeah garnish that how you want, but if that doesn't happen then it's a missed opportunity.

edit: addendum: I'm also willing to bet that the end of Shadowlands plays into the Old Gods escaping again. If some part of them exists in the Shadowlands, then certainly they can escape. Perhaps the Jailer seeks to free them, or some consequence of his actions will cause them to get loose again. Oh, and also, we will get a next-gen updated Azeroth (Cata will still be available through Chromie) with all the void infestation.


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