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Shadowlands – A possible throwback to WC3?

Content of the article: "Shadowlands – A possible throwback to WC3?"

If you've played or watched through the story of The Frozen Throne's campaign mode, you may recall that at a certain point in the story, it is brought to Malfurion's attention by a wisp that nature is feeling terrible pain as a result of something threatening the natural order of Azeroth. After looking into it, Malfurion discovers that the cause of all of this chaos is a spell being cast by Illidan, his brother, who seems to be using the Eye of Sargeras to bring down Icecrown and possibly Northrend with it. The specific wording used is:

"Maiev! We've got to move quickly. Illidan is weaving a spell that is splitting apart the roof of the world!"

After this, we learn that Illidan is indeed trying to sunder icecrown to destroy the Lich King and the threat of the Scourge and stop him from achieving this… Only for Sylvanas to, years later, assault Icecrown and sunder the Helm of Domination, an action that quite literally splits apart the roof of the world. Could Illidan, if left to his own devices, have shattered the veil between Life and Death on Azeroth by destroying Icecrown and the Lich King? Could this be why the forces of Nature (Life) alerted Malfurion with such alarm and urgency?

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Now, far be it from me to believe that Blizzard had THIS level of foresight, but it is always possible that they've drawn links from current content to the wordings of the past, much like how Mal'ganis talks about Arthas "Hearing the voice of the Dark Lord of the Dead" after becoming the wielder of Frostmourne. In that context? Certainly he was talking about the Lich King. In today's context? That could very well have been the Jailer. I dislike that it took this long for Blizzard to start tying up loose ends, but I don't exactly mind that they're using past writing to help the story of the Shadowlands stand. Who knows, close contact with that material might as well bring some of the charm of previous Blizz writing back.

What do y'all think?


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