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Shadowlands Origin Theory

Right now, I’m under the impression that the Shadowlands are the shattered remnants of a titan soul planet.

The Shadowlands and Death are frequently described as a MACHINE, a mechanism designed to facilitate the transit of souls from the realm of the living to either eternal servitude or rebirth. This is oddly reminiscent of Titan machinery, and Oribos is certainly titan-esque. It would make sense if the Shadowlands is the scattered remains of a titan planet.

We can also determine as a baseline that our Titans, the Void, and the Fel are not beings that interact with the Shadowlands normally.

I believe the Shadowlands was originally a titan (and a First One) that awoke long before our Pantheon, and was experimenting on other world souls using shadow/void and led to the creation of the Void Lords and the Old Gods. I think the Void Lords are fully corrupted titan-souls, already referred to in lore as a Dark Titan, and served under this main titan. The First Ones (a Pantheon of Titans that existed long before our own) discovered what he was doing and decided to destroy him and break him apart to create the Shadowlands as a barrier against his void creations and the Void Lords he had created. With their master imprisoned, the Void Lords can only interact with our universe by casting stones, Old Gods, in hopes that they can corrupt a world soul powerful enough to free their master.

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In order to seal the titan-soul away, five of the First Ones (the Eternals) had to bind themselves to the world-soul of the Shadowlands, as they were unable to kill him completely and had to contain him as keys to the Realm of Death instead. Zovaal, one of these First One titans, began to second guess this decision. When he demanded they set the titan-soul free to regain their own titan power, the others imprisoned him within the Maw and set up one of their Titankeepers, the Arbiter, in his place. They stripped Zovaals power and installed it into the Arbiter. The way the Shadowlands is ordered to all hell reeks of titan methodology, so the first ones being Titans would absolutely make sense. Over the eons the four main Titans would lose most of the memory of what they once were and become the Eternal Ones, but Zovaal still remembers. Over time, he managed to convince Denathrius of the truth of thier origin (that they were once titans) and to join him as well.

He’s collecting the keys to free the titan-soul, but also needs the anima to jumpstart its heart. I strongly believe anima is titan blood/energy, which sustains living beings that end up in the Shadowlands because we’re not meant to exist here. I think the Shadowlands being a place where beings go when they die was not intentional, and was a coincidental side effect of its purpose of sealing off the Void Lords from attacking us directly.

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Zovaal wanted to cause as much death as possible on Azeroth to return as much anima as possible back to him so he can gather enough to kickstart the world-souls heart when he turns the keys. I also think the old gods are in on this plan, working behind the scenes to flood the maw with anima during the 4th war.

I also think Elune is a First One who was chosen to remain outside the Shadowlands, which is why the Winter Queen is aware of her and calls her sister.

Sorry if thoughts seem fragmented!


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