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Silenced for posting about OCE arena bans

Thread was removed from the official WoW TBC classic forums after being immediately reported for "trolling" and then removed for discussing disciplinary actions.

We were TOLD to make this thread by a GM in a ticket response regarding undeserved bans of several top arena players in OCE, and as a result the poster was silenced and the thread removed.

Spam reported:
Told to post on the forums by a GM:

I've attached the rest of the post below. I know the general response will be "well if Blizzard banned them, they did something wrong and are just lying about it" but please for a second consider the alternative, and how frustrating and unfair it would feel to be banned from playing a game you love when you genuinely believe you haven't done anything wrong.

Worth noting that a lot of our posts are being immediately reported on the forums, and I expect the same to happen here. We know the group responsible, but unfortunately there isn't much we can do about it.

Disclaimer: I'm not the OP of the forum post, I'm posting on his behalf as he does not have a reddit account. If you want more info just let me know and I'll do what I can.

Deleted forum post:

"As per the rules for the forums, names will not be used. Everything involving specific names has been sent to blizzard. I’m also posting on my main character – Its stupid that people can make unsubstantiated claims on low level characters and not have consequences for it. If you want anyone to take what you say seriously i suggest you do the same.

On Friday the 17th of September a ban wave occurred involving arena teams. This affected all three regions, NA, EU and OCE. OCE became aware that it has its own region for rewards on the 1st of September. Most of the OCE bans were for win trading, around 40 characters were banned, mostly in 2v2. these bans have a lot of inconsistencies. It is not clear exactly what triggered these bans, either an automated system, mass reports which has happened a lot in OCE or a combination of the two.


Two players didn’t participate in any arena matches since 31st of august, with even a larger gap in 3v3 and 5v5. This is before the cutoffs were shown. One member was banned from a team and that team is still on the ladder and received rewards One player had not played a single 2s game since the 14th of July and only played 6 games of 3v3 in the last week. This suggests his ban was based off of his 3v3 or 5v5 team, but the 3v3 and the 5v5 team are the only ones to be banned in this region? so who is he wintrading against if no other team is banned? Two players were safe rank 1 in 3v3 and 5v5 so they decided to sell rating in 2v2 for gold, which isn’t against ToS unless piloted. The amount of sales pale in magnitude compared to what occurred on other regions doing the same thing who are unbanned.

If you look at all available data on websites such as you are able to see that the teams banned barely ever played on the same day dating back at least 2 months. Is it plausible that all 20 teams were win trading with one another because that’s what the bans suggest, no teams can be grouped together to suggest win-trading in small circles.

Due to these inconsistencies it can be assumed that the accounts must have been flagged at the start of the season where the arena participation was low in a low populated region, upwards of 15minute queues. In this environment it was all too common to only verse the same teams over and over again. To highlight this active 5v5 queues are only available at certain times on certain days. A common claim is that every ladder was ‘fixed’ by win trading. If players were absent during the last week when oceanic was aware that it had its own ladder, cutoff and rewards how can those players that participated or barely participated be responsible for win trading? Not only this, but the amount of bans far exceeds the amount of available slots for gladiator, Who on earth would win-trade and fix a ladder and not benefit from the rewards of it? who is happy enough to sit duelist when gladiator is free? While i am unaware of the circumstances of every team or players that were banned, there is more than enough doubt that every individual on the ladder deserves consideration to have their ban thoroughly investigated.

After these players were banned, the updated cutoffs were delayed much later than NA and EU. Even now, with these adjusted cutoffs, not all titles have been given out and some players still have titles and mounts with teams that contains a banned player. It is clear that whatever is happening in the oceanic region isn’t a cohesive response.

Automated system

It is possible that these bans occurred from an automated system that picked up an unlikely ratio of games played versus other teams early on in the season when the participation of those playing area was quite low, and queues upwards of 15minutes were to be expected, even in primetime. This problem is more evident with higher rating and would explain why those who participated more towards the end of the season, specifically in the last week were not banned.

Mass reports

There have been two main documents spread amongst the community. There have been a lot of false accusations in the oceanic community pertaining to multitudes of reasons including piloting, RMT and win-trading. A lot of the ‘evidence’ provided is just a random discord screenshot with absolutely no substance and/or anecdotal reasoning or an link to the team trying to claim win trading.

The first document was created by a middle-of the pack duelist 2v2 team who blamed all those above them for their performance. Most players at high rating never even played this team once. The first false claim is that one person was piloting another which is untrue. piloting is very easy to identify. neither were banned for piloting. the second false claim is that one team was RMTing for another team when it was just gold. the third false claim is that players on one team played their alt team on the opposite faction. Again, very easy for blizzard to debunk.

This document was linked to a streamer who had asked to win-trade with high teams in order to get gladiator. He was turned down, in response he told his community to mass report those teams responsible and even accused the teams of RMTing. He was later let-go from his Org after this situation for both admitting to Win trading and RMT. Ironic.

The document was also responsible for multiple wow forum threads and reddit threads where it was used to spread and harass these players.

The second document was made by a friend of an alliance Duelist team (now just barely gladiator). This included fabricated discord messages between themselves, not even the discord names or the avatars are correct. It reads like you would imagine where the player immediately gives away all their details and incriminates themselves. pathetic really. Blizzard need to investigate all the reports made against the banned players to ensure integrity of the report system. You will find these players colluding.

There is a significant overlap of the people who are commenting on similar wow forum threads; Forget to update OCE Arena Title Cutoffs? – #147 by Satalin-yojamba begging for their unearned rewards, freshly made twitter accounts to abuse those victims banned and comments on reddit posts and spam reports in-game. They also spam flag and report anything they do not agree with. You might see it done here.

The banned players have not only been a victim to blizzard’s incorrect banning methods but also to the lies spread by certain individuals within the community tarnishing their reputation.

All we ask for is a thorough investigation involving when and how the win trading was identified and if any of the reasons outlined were responsible for sending a false-positive, as well as an investigation into the individuals perpetuating this attempted cancel culture and take appropriate actions so this never happens to anyone else.

Also for anyone who says blizzard doesn’t incorrectly ban see the current drama over paladins being banned in stratholme."


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