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Singularity has reached v1.0.0. Now open-source and supporting cloud backup saves.

Content of the article: "Singularity has reached v1.0.0. Now open-source and supporting cloud backup saves."

Two months ago, I published the first release of Singularity after getting fed-up with the Overwolf/Curse saga. Since then, our community has grown to several thousand installations and plenty of feedback and suggestions on our Discord. With the latest release, Singularity is now open source. Singularity also now has fully optional user accounts that are only necessary to access cloud-based features.

Singularity Addon Manager –

Some of the features now available in the app are:

  • Granular backup restoration. Restore individual addons from a backup
  • Cloud backup saves. Push your latest backup for each game version to Singularity’s servers. (This can also be a pseudo-syncing option since backups are tied to your account and not your installation).
  • Support for addons from Curse, Tukui and WowInterface in a unified search and display
  • Addon auto-updates and release version tracking (alpha, beta, release)

If you've tried it and liked it? Great. If you prefer alternative addon managers, that's cool too but I'd appreciate your feedback on what you'd like to see improved. If you’re looking to help contribute and aren’t a coder, I could use a hand with localizing Singularity to other languages. Hit me up here or on our Discord if you’re interested. If you’re neither a coder or bilingual, please feel free to provide any feedback you have.

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And finally, here are some of the most common questions I’ve seen over the last two months.

  • Why not open source?

“What if they think I’m ugly?” Basically, Singularity was in a working state but not a pretty state. Before posting the source code I wanted to give it a scrub down to give other developers a better chance of following along. That scrub down was lower priority than several feature additions.

  • Why the LLC?

For the same reason that spawned Singularity, Privacy. Personal code signing certificates require a lot of private information. My options were to put my home address and phone number on the certificate or register an LLC and maintain at least some semblance of privacy. I chose the latter.

  • What is your end goal?

I’m building Singularity to be the addon manager that I want to use every day now that Twitch is disappearing. This means adding features that I personally find useful like the recent addition of cloud backup saves and the upcoming automatic addon installation sync. So far, the infrastructure is still well below my “I’ve spent more on dumber stuff” limit so I haven’t bothered setting up a Patreon or something similar.


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