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So happy to be a casual right now…

Content of the article: "So happy to be a casual right now…"

The first time round in Vanilla onwards I was involved in hardcore raid progression. I had a part time job, still lived at home with the parents and could easily sink 10-12+ hours a day into the game. I loved it, had a great experience and made lifelong friends that I still know today, and play with again in Classic.

This time around I figured a much more relaxed approach would be the way forward. I have a full time job, partner and a tonne of other responsibilities that mean I only get to raid twice a week and the odd dungeon or alt levelling session at the weekends or evenings. I am heavily involved in my guild, we cleared BWL after a few weeks when it came out. We have a great group of people and get 40+ regularly each raid. Don't get me wrong, we still wipe for silly reasons but we have a good time, remeniscent of first time around.

I read r/classicwow quite a bit an I have to say, right now, I am so glad to not be involved in the all the drama surrounding Scarab Lord and all the elitist grinding and colluding that seems to be going on across all servers. I am glad that I don't have the time to sink countless hours into a grind that will see only a handful of people get a mount that, in my opinion, isn't going to have the "Wow! Look at that!" reaction from back in the day. I feel that it will have the opposite reaction, similar to Thunderfury. It used to stand for something, it used to have meaning. Now it's gone to the highest bidder and has lost its stature.

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I am not naive enough to think that everyone will agree with my feelings on this, and I can appreciate that some people are doing it as genuine as possible to get their guildmate that mount out of respect and friendship, and to those people I applaud you. But right now, as an "outsider" looking in at the s**t storm that is the Silithus grind currently… Damn it feels good to be casual.

Anyone else feel the same?


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