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Some thoughts on my experience healing in shadowlands with multiple healers

I currently have 4 healers (Priest, Druid, Shaman, Paladin). No experience in Monk healing, so all my notes will be regarding these 4 classes in ONLY M+ dungeons. Nothing too hardcore, highest key is +17 on the Paladin. Ranging from 232 to 242 ilvl. I've pugged 100% of my mythic+ runs, probably have about 400+ dungeon runs total between the 4 healers. Some thoughts I wanted to share:

Resto Druid – High floor, high skill ceiling, preemptive style healer with tons of utility. Ease of play 8/10, Fun to play 8/10


  • Most spells are instant cast which allows for high freedom of movement
  • Tons of utility. Roots, knockbacks, brez, party wide speed buffs, etc.
  • Legendaries seem more varied seems to be more viable options for high M+
  • The best "oh shit" healing button in Convoke the spirits (assuming NF). Also can be used for DPS


  • Good DPS output is purely dependent on your skills at weaving in and out of Moonkin or Cat form. Caster form only DPS is nothing special.
  • HoTs need ramp up time to be effective. Difficult to catchup if HoTs aren't already spread around and there is sudden big party wide damage.
  • Only 1 true tank cooldown in Ironbark

Holy Paladin – Tanky melee healer with focus on cooldowns that does great passive damage. Ease of play 6/10, Fun to play 9/10


  • Full arsenal of mitigation cooldowns. Lay on Hands, BoS, Divine Protection, BoP can all save a party member from death in emergency or completely negate mechanics/damage in certain scenarios.
  • Powerful single target heals that can top off health bar in 1-2 globals.
  • Great passive damage in consecration. Your healing rotation also involves crusader strike so only healer that does not have to stop healing to deal damage.


  • Have to be in melee range to be most effective so have to watch out for all the melee mechanics that other healers mostly can ignore. Also only has 1 speed buff so sometimes hard to keep up with tank especially if they suddenly jump into combat demon hunters
  • Weak at AOE healing. Light of Dawn is clunky to use and Divine Toll only available to Kyrian.
  • Certain mechanics can be more difficult if no targets to hit for Holy Power (SoA last boss spear phase, PF last boss tentacle phase)

Holy Priest – Most varied healing toolkit. Single target, AOE, HoTs, instant casts, Holy Priests got it all. Ease of play 9/10, fun to play 6/10


  • Very straight forward healer with tons of different types of healing spells
  • Most of the AOE heals have no positional requirement and large range, so can easily heal party in hectic environment without knowing exactly where they are
  • Leap of faith. Super fun to use and you'll look totally badass if you catch a party member mid air saving them from a falling death from a knockback mechanic


  • The squishiest of the healers
  • Healing style is very "spammy" which leads to having to drink more than the other healers throughout the dungeon.
  • Damage output is so so, especially AOE

Resto Shaman – Excellent all around toolkit, probably the most "balanced" healer. Ease of play 8/10, fun to play 7/10


  • Totems bring great utility as well as mitigation. Lots of options
  • Only healer with a true interrupt (a low cooldown range one at that)
  • No worries about mana
  • Great single target and AOE DPS potential


  • Doesn't have a true tank cooldown. Most of the damage needs to be healed, instead of mitigated
  • Requires more awareness of positioning than other healers to be the most effective
  • Lacks a fast, big single target heal bomb

Definitely more, but these just some quick thoughts from top of my head. For all the peeps that have multiple healers, what do you think? Agree, disagree? Share your thoughts!


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