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Speculation on the state of current in-game events

This might be a long post, but I just wanna let it out somewhere.

Are you complete unamused by how unremarkable and linear the Jailer is as "the big baddie" of this expansion? If so, keep reading.

I think Blizzard has been trying to shove the Jailer into our faces too hard. This is ironically thrown off by the fact that the Jailer is a completely bland and generic villain. If we compare him to a simple list of things that make a good villain:

  • A long history with the protagonists (the origins of the Scourge and Lich King fit this part, true)
  • Clear morality and motivation (the Jailer's motives aren't very clear, so far he just wants Azeroth like the 100 other generic baddies do)
  • Intimidating odds of victory (Titan++, his army rivals the Legion, but we can sneak around in his tower and he forgets about us – the extremely important mortals who can move in and out of the maw and could potentially hold a key to his escape – in just 1 day, AND if he catches us in his tower he literally just tosses us out!)
  • Compelling backstory (this is shrouded in mystery but from what we can speculate based on available information, he likely judged souls instead of the arbiter and realized life is unfair so decided to redo the mechanics of death? This could have been compelling but his villainous actions completely go against this perspective, how does destroying everything help?)
  • An interesting and fun character (the Jailer is barely more amusing than the dormant Arbiter)
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So why make such a fuss about this guy being the super bad villain who's been pulling the strings from the background and has set things up to where we stand now? In terms of the amount of effort Blizzard put into the Eternal Ones, I'd rank them as:

Kyrestia < the Jailer < the Winter Queen < the Primus (at least what we know of him from the Maldraxxus questline) < Sire Denathrius

Why would Blizzard put so little effort in polishing up THE VILLAIN we have to face off this expansion?


Unless this is all a cover. A pocketful of sand to keep us away from guessing who the real mastermind is. What if that mastermind is in fact one of the most refined and fleshed out characters of this expansion so far? And what if, in order to throw us off the trail and stop us from noticing just how well-defined that character was, Blizzard nonchalantly mentioned "we liked the voice actor so much, we decided to keep this character for now."

I'm talking of course about the Sire himself.

Remember how we freed Gul'Dan like it was nothing in the opening to WoD and he came right back and messed up an entire expansion's worth of events for us? What if the same is being done for Denathrius, quickly swipe him past us so we don't notice him much? Let's revisit the list that makes a good villain but this time with Denathrius in mind:

  • A long history with the protagonists (two words: Enemy Infiltration)
  • Clear morality and motivation (we KNOW the Nathrezim have been up to something literally since before any recorded history, Denathrius clearly has very grand plans, "I AM Revendreth" are the words of someone who could likely rebuild the entirety of Revendreth on a whim, he's looking at the greater picture)
  • Intimidating odds of victory (sure we beat Danathrius directly, but how certain are we that we're safe from the intrigues and operations of the dreadlords? Can we even directly confront that which has been working in the shadows for eternity? How can we be certain we aren't being manipulated into doing what we are doing?)
  • Compelling backstory (almost the entire history of Warcraft is because of the actions of Denathrius; the dreadlords have been everywhere)
  • An interesting and fun character (the most fun villain we've had in a long time)
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So what is Denathrius up to? I honestly can't say. But I believe Denathrius has a higher purpose in mind, one that surpasses the Jailer's ambitions. I wouldn't be surprised if it was Denathrius himself who led the Jailer down this path as a means to a greater end. The one person who could stop Denathrius would be someone as cunning and farsighted as him, a master strategist and tactician, like the Primus. So perhaps it was Denathrius who led the Primus off on a chase to remove him from the picture.

What does the Sire want out of all of this? Perhaps by breaking the cycle of death, he wants to remove the existence of mortality, or flesh itself, which is a primary vessel for the void to manifest. Perhaps it's to set things up for an assault on life; the "vulnerability" that the Nathrezim identified could be linked to this.



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