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*Speculation* Where the heroes of Azeroth go after raiding Torghast

I've been brewing some ideas for what will be the next mission for the legendary maw walkers after we've (presumably) defeated death itself… In the first major content patch of the expansion, and here's a couple ideas I would definitely like to come to fruition:

PATCH 9.2: The Lightbound Crusade "The Golden One claims a vacant throne…"

With Turalyon at the helm of the Alliance, the constant hints of a Light v. Void conflict, the inevitable faction war sparks yet again, and us heroes must draw our attention from the lands of Death and head back to defend our home.

In this patch, we see the return of the AU Draenei led by a fierce and vindictive Exarch Yrel. They would most likely end up being enemies to both Alliance and Horde alike, especially considering the controversial inclusion of the Ren'dorei ranks in the Alliance.

Now, I'm not saying that Yrel and the AU Lightbound army will straight up break through and invade Azeroth, I believe they will likely ally with the Alliance… Maybe even have the Mag'har orcs they've "cleansed" to infiltrate the Horde and destroy both factions from within.

With the faction capitals fallen, it is up to Azeroth's mightiest heroes to infiltrate these now hostile lands they once called home, and invade Stormwind and Orgrimmar in the patch raids.

PATCH 9.2: The Dragon Isles

The Poster Child of 8.3, Wrathion, Son of the fallen dragon aspect Deathwing, has uncovered the secrets of the mythical Dragon Isles, and calls his allies who smote N'zoth, back to the realm of the living. All his research and spying has finally paid off, and now he has discovered a way into the fabled realm of dragonkin.

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In this place we will aid Wrathion to unlock the secrets of the Dragon Aspects, find out the connection to Galkarond and the Shadowlands, and even discover secrets about the land of dragons and it's connection to the Emerald Dream.

PATCH 9.2: Hour of Twilight *"…at the hour of her third death, she ushers in our coming."

We… Really kinda left Azeroth in a shitty condition when we left for the realm of shadows, and with Zovaal after the soul of our world, who is to say that we are unsuccessful in stopping this literal god of gods from claiming his prize?

At the end of the Sanctum of Domination raid, The Jailer finally plunges through the Maw and destroys the Arbiter. The final key is acquired and Zovaal tears a portal through to Azeroth. With the path open, he absorbs Azeroth's soul and banishes us back to our (now dead) titan prison. We have lost and now the true End Time begins.

We see a world slowly rot and decay, the powers of both Death and Void now feeding upon our beloved worlds remains as we fight for our very lives. All is lost, but the brave heroes of Azeroth will not go out without a fight.

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