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speculative timeline/chronicles for Shadowlands parts

Some of this is a spoiler, lots of it is speculation, we'll see 🙂

  • the universe was not always as arranged in the current cosmology, but was formed out of by the
  • the earliest sentient beings in the plane of Death were the First Ones, either created by or part of the
  • the First Ones order the plane, creating Oribos, and an infinite array of realms, each with their own part to play in the machinery of Death, including the 5x primary realms we encounter in the Shadowlands expansion
  • each of these realms has always had an Eternal One and always will, a realm cannot exist without its Eternal One and vice versa
  • the First Ones disappear, probably before these Eternal Ones even gain consciousness (or maybe the First Ones become the Eternal Ones and forget who they were), leaving behind Oribos and other artifacts throughout the realms because of
  • The Maw's original purpose was to be the default welcome party for new souls, and Zo'val was the sorting hat for the other possible destinations of new souls, and probably had a different name, and probably looked very different
  • sorting a soul requires buffering a soul's experiences to 100% before making a decision, rather than just streaming a few percent at a time
  • Kyrestia/Bastion's original workflow did not involve purging all memories, only the most unproductive ones, or possibly even keeping everything intact, and was focused then as now on crossing over to the material plane to find lost souls and bring them to Zo'val
  • Denathrius/Revendreth's original workflow did not have an escape valve for or even a concept of souls that could not be redeemed, they merely held on to them and milked them for however long it took to fix them
  • Zo'val does , which the other Eternal Ones find repugnant and unforgiveable
  • the other Eternal Ones team up, subdue Zo'val, tear his heart out so that his sorting hat purpose can still be achieved without him, and create an impenetrable boundary sealing The Maw away from the other realms
  • the trans-dimensional engine that powers this boundary is The Winter Queen/Ardenweald, and the fuel for this engine is anima mostly from Denathrius/Revendreth
  • the Eternal Ones all possess part of a fail-safe key to undo the boundary, maybe they thought they could forgive Zo'val one day, or perhaps they thought they might need to turn it off in order to stop it from sucking Ardenweald dry, or maybe something about each of the 4x other Eternal Ones is needed (in addition to Ardenweald and Revendreth) to maintain the boundary
  • they then create The Arbiter out of Zo'val's heart and install it in Oribos
  • the Kyrian start bringing new souls to The Arbiter instead
  • Kyrestia believes part of Zo'vals betrayal was motivated by history or memories and changes their workflow so that all Kyrian are purged of their memories from that day forth
  • Denathrius is a double-agent, and tweaks Revendreth's workflow so that rejecting a soul on behalf of all other realms is now a possibility, resulting in a slow but steady supply of souls/anima to Zo'val/The Maw (somehow this seems to be with the knowledge/approval of the other Eternal Ones)
  • Denathrius creates the Dreadlords/Nathrezim, and they are sent to infiltrate the other planes, including the Fel plane and the Legion
  • Denathrius starts the anima drought at a very small scale at first, which is eventually enough to weaken Ardenweald just enough to improve Zo'val's communications network
  • Zo'val captures the Primus, probably with Denathrius' help, forcing him to create the Helm of Domination and Frostmourne, among other things
  • Mueh'zala is recruited by either Denathrius or directly by Zo'val
  • Mueh'zala is summoned by Helya under Odyn's orders and takes one of Odyn's eyes as payment for information about how the Kyrian are created and how they operate (i.e. how they cross back and forth)
  • Odyn violates Helya turning her into the first Valkyr against her will
  • Mueh'zala recruits Helya
  • the Helm of Domination and Frostmourne are given to the Legion via the Nathrezim, probably in a way that makes it look like the Legion captured/discovered them
  • the Legion installs these on Azeroth and creates the Lich King using the soul of Nerzul
  • the Lich King works with the Nathrezim to recruit Arthas Menethil as part of a plan to fight the Legion
  • Arthas kills Sylvannas and raises her into undeath and forced service on the way to resurrect Kelthuzad at the Sunwell
  • later, Arthas dons the Helm of Domination becoming/joining the Lich King
  • during a scuffle with Illidan, the Lich King loses control of Sylvannas and other undead that become the Forsaken
  • Sylvannas finds her body and leads the Forsaken, with a "captured" Dreadlord
  • after the events of Wrath of the Lich King, Sylvannas kills herself, is shown The Maw
  • Sylvannas is raised by Valkyr released from the Lich King's service, forms a pact with them (they may have been directed by Zo'val)
  • Helya checks-in with Sylvannas during the events of Stormheim in Legion expansion per the "free Zo'val" project
  • we kill Argus, the Titan of Death, at the end of the Legion expansion, which is the first Titan to have properly died, a being that spent its entire life of thousands or even millions of years being tortured, and is the first being older than the Arbiter to have died
  • maybe untethered souls eventually drift across the planes to the Arbiter, or unknowing Kyrian fetch it and bring Argus to the Arbiter
  • the Arbiter attempts to buffer Argus' life to 100% but doesn't have enough RAM or SSD space and crashes, restoring the original flow of incoming souls to Zo'val/The Maw
  • the "free Zo'val" project is hitting all the milestones, but yet more anima is requested: Sylvannas delivers by burning Teldrassil, and Denathrius delivers by turning the anima drought up to 11

Okay, well, I'll probably think of more stuff to put in, let me know what you think and what other ideas we can squeeze in 🙂


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