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Spoilers for 9.1– who do you think these titles are referencing

Big 9.1 spoilers ahead, you’ve been warned.

So a new quest in 9.1 has us learn more about how mourneblades work. Turns out that they can tear fragments of the soul away, and that the Jailer keeps some the soul fragments he deems most interesting hidden within Torghast. This is a problem, because we need to get the fragment that was taken from Uther back so he can recover from his Forsworn experience.

We go into Torghast and discover the vault where Uther’s fragment is being kept, along with several others. Our soul keeper only allows us to take Uther’s, called “The First Paladin,” but there are several others: The Betrayed Father, The Blood-Queen, The Grand Magister, The Guardian of Naxxramas, The Archmagus Mentor, The Golden King, The Holy Lifebringer, and Many Forgotten Victims.

I think it’d be fun to speculate on who these could be. Seeing as at the moment we only know of two mourneblades (Frostmourne and Kingsmourne, if we understand a mourneblade to be a runeblade forged specifically in Torghast with specifically the runes of Domination), then we can narrow the pool of of potential victims down based on who these blades specifically have killed. To the best of my knowledge, Kingsmourne hasn’t actually been confirmed to have killed anyone— which leaves us with Frostmourne. Let’s take at the souls (with the exception of the Many Forgotten Souls) and the potential victims of the blade they could be:

  • The Betrayed Father— I mean, it’s gotta be Terenas, right? There is arguably no father more betrayed in all of WoW’s lore than the father of Arthas.

  • The Blood-Queen— There’s only one person I’m aware of to have ever held the title of Blood-Queen, and that’s Lana’thel. We know she was a follower of Kael’thas, and that after the failed assault on the Frozen a throne by Illidan, Arthas murdered her (ostensibly with Frostmourne) and raised her as the leader of the San’layn.

  • The Grand Magister- There are a few people this could refer to in terms of victims of Frostmourne who were great mages, but “Grand Magister” is a title specifically used amongst the Blood Elves to refer to the Grand Magister of Quel’thelas. Arthas did indeed slay the Grand Magister when he marched on the Sunwell by means of Frostmourne, so I imagine this soul fragment most belong to him: Belo’vir Salonar.

  • The Guardian of Naxxramas- This one was kind of tough. At first I thought this would refer to someone Arthas killed in order to obtain Naxxaramas after the War of the Spider, e.g. Anub’arak, but in Road to Damnation Kel’Thuzzad asks Anub’Arak if he ruled Naxxramas and Anub’Arrak replies with something to the effect of “we just conquered it for the master,” which led me to doubt that. After some deliberation I decided this clue mostly likely referred to an entity sent to guard Naxxaramas and watch over it while under Arthas’ control. Kel’Thuzzad seems like the obvious choice in that regard, but he was killed by Arthas before he ever took up Frostmourne, so it can’t be him. This leads me to the next logical guardian of Naxxramas— Sapphiron, the blue dragon murdered by Arthas and risen as a Frost Wyrm to guard the citadel of Naxxramas.

  • The Archmagus Mentor- I think this one is pretty easy: Antonidas. Not only is was he notable for being the Grand Magus of the Kirin Tor, he was also famously the mentor and teacher of Jaina Proudmoore. He was slain with Frostmourne when Arthas invaded Dalaran.

  • The Golden King— I’ve seen a few people suggest this soul fragment must belong to Anduin, but I personally doubt that simply for the fact that I don’t believe we actually know whether or not Anduin was killed with Kingsmourne or if he’s just under some sort of mind control. I think the more likely candidate for this soul is the king of Quel’thelas Anasterian Sunstrider. Not only was Anasterian a victim of Frostmourne, but in Warcraft 3: Reforged, it seems his once blue-eyed model was changed to have golden eyes, along with his portrait. This seems to line-up with the “Golden King” descriptor.

  • The Holy Lifebringer- The only example I can think of is the one victim of Frostmourne who bears the title of ‘Lifebringer,’ and that’s Halahk the Lifebringer. Halahk was one of the paladins who resisted Arthas’ effort to wipe out Lordaeron. His soul was also tortured inside Frostmourne until he forsook the Light, so that’s pretty metal. He also has a brief cameo in the Frost DK artifact mission.

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