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Story of my wow career

Hey guys I wanted to share the story of my wow career and the story of our guild. I have nobody to tell, except the ones who are involved in this.

Tldr at the bottom.

The story starts just before battle for Azeroth launched.

A quick heads up: I started playing wow in Cataclysm. I played really casually for a few months and then stopped playing to start again at the beginning of MOP. In MOP i cleared the first raid on normal and quit again. Same goes for legion.

BFA was announced and my / our story begins:

We formed a guild on highly populated german server. We just invited some friends and family to start raiding casually in BFA. I even got an old friend from school to play with us whos still in this guild today.

The day the raid opened we gathered round about 18 people and started raiding on normal. Nobody wanted to take the lead and explain bosses. I was super hyped about this whole thing and watched like 20 guides for every boss on normal, so I took the lead here. We started raiding and did quite well. We cleared the raid on normal difficulty within the first 2 or 3 weeks which was huge for us. But we felt empty and needed to fill the void so we decided to give heroic a go.

We managed to down a few bosses the first week. After that some poeple quit the game. But all remaining members wanted to keep raiding, so we filled with randoms. Some of these randoms even joined our guild over the cause of our heroic progress. After 7 weeks or so, we finally managed to get our very first AoTC. To this day this is the second best experience in terms of boss kills i ever had.

8.1 was set to launch in a few weeks and I rerolled to another class which fits the raid better. We all agreed to try to get 2 or 3 bosses down on mythic if we are fast enough with the heroic clear.

At the beginning of 8.1 we merged with another guild to field a better and more consistent roster of 20 or more poeple. That was the point where I was assigned the role of the Raid Lead. Therefore I set up my expectations for this tier, which was 3 kills on mythic (in hindsight it was really optimistic). We managed to get heroic done within the first 3 or 4 weeks, which was a huge improvement over uldir. Then we started going for mythic. We struggled hard, but in the end managed to get down conclave of the chosen. Oppulence was the real deal though (over 150 pulls… Uff).

For 8.2 I once again set up the expectations for the tier, which was downing queens court (6/8). Everything started just fine. We had an even better roster and everything looked promising. Than classic happened and I struggled to get 20 players for the mythic raid. Heroic was nonfactor at this point and no real challenge aside from azshara in the 2nd week of heroic.

I kept on recruiting poeple and we even partnered with another guild for one raidnight for ashvane. One day, a shadow applied to us. This guy was insanely good and just wamted to raid. I took him immediately in for the next raid. It turns out he decided to raid with us, just because I took him with us the very next day. In the end he stayed with us not for the Performance, but for the people and general mood within the raid team. We never ever flamed anyone and kept on having fun. Spoiler: This guy is now the raid and guild lead.

In the end we got a stable roster again and managed to get 7/8 with 3 tries on azshara mythic for fun.

8.3 was released. Some guys quit. I recruited promising guys again. So we started strong and cleared heroic the very first week. Our progress on mythic went on fine. We were good on track for our first CE. Then it happened… My wife got pregnant and my lovely daughter was born while we were on mythic nzoth. I followed the streams of our guys while my wife and daughter were sleeping in the Hospital. After we got home, "my wife said, corax90 just go and raid with your guys for the few hours a night. Its fine by me".

So I was on board again and took my job of raid leading back. We managed to down nzoth finally and got our very first CE. This was the best feeling ever in terms of playing wow. We were even fast enough to get everyone the mount.

So SL launches and my daughter needed kind of much attention. I struggled really hard to keep up with everyone in terms of gear, since I couldn't really do any m+ at all. We managed to get the AOTC in the first or 2nd week again. But the raid took a toll on me so I decided to step down as raid lead and take a break from the game to have more time for my daughter. Best decision ever.

When 9.1 launched I hit up this insanely good guy from 8.1, whos now the raid and guild lead and told him that I want to raid again, but not as an officer or raid lead. Just as a "normal" dps.

It turned out to work quite nice and I even had time to do plenty of m+ (almost 2.5k rio yey) since my daughter, my wife and me are way better at managing our time now.

Now i am a simple dps player who does his job (most of the times quite well). But with the knowledge of how a raid lead wants his dps to play (no pad, go for the safe kill, play mechanics clean and be reliable).

Tldr: formed a guild with some friends to raid casually. Went from aotc to 5/10 to 7/8 to CE and established a decent guild with a nice raiding environment. Took a break came back and guild is still there functioning the same as before.

I am so happy and proud to be a member of this guild. Despite all the issue wow has today, i really live Pasing the game because of my guild.


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