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Stuck in limbo over ban.

Content of the article: "Stuck in limbo over ban."

I was kicked last Tuesday (9-15) just before AQ 40. The login screen displayed that my account had been closed and wasn't available for use. I checked my email to see messages in my inbox.

They said that my account was closed for the following offenses. "Exploitative activity: Abuse of the Economy". They went on to state that the account was closed because "it was involved, either directly or indirectly, with the unauthorized exchange of in-game property for "real-world" currency."

I immediately submitted as ticket and got an answer roughly 24 hours later. It stated that they deemed the evidence provided to be correct and will not overturn the ban. I submitted another ticket as those two emails seemed like automatically generated responses. The next day, (Thursday, two days after the ban) I received another mail stating, "Hey there, I have escalated this matter to our appeals team for further investigation. Once we hear back from them, we will be contacting you directly with more info." Since then, nothing.

My primary character is a rogue, and I farm Dire Maul solo somewhat regularly. I do it primarily for materials for my Warlock and Paladin, and to provide consumable materials (Dreamfoil, Ghost Mushrooms, Gromsblood, and enchanting materials from the greens and blues I get that I disenchant) to my guildmates at a fraction of the AH price. It's a way to spend my time while not raiding that benefits my entire guild to some degree. I've never broken a single rule to the best of my knowledge, and I never would.

At this point I'm simply looking for advice, and possibly a means to get resolution as I am not a botter, cheater, or anything of the like. It's been close to a week since I last heard anything. Should I perhaps submit another ticket? Should I wait? Any advice, tips, etc are sincerely appreciated.

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Also if it makes any difference at all: I rarely put anything at all on the AH. I just use it for my characters and to sell to my guildmates. I'm not affecting the actual server economy in any real way.


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