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Tauren Lore when Elune comes to play

Hey Everyone,

I was thinking about how Elune’s story and that of the cosmos are probably going to be explored a lot more in the near future. So I had an obscure idea that could make things a little less obvious story-wise, whilst at the same time creating space for the Tauren to finally get their fill of lore.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if instead of learning about Elune through the age old Night Elf perspective, we would see the conclusion of Elune’s mysterious story through the eyes of the Tauren. I know that we see a little bit of it in WoW already with An’she and Mu’sha, but it’s still a very small portion of the lore, as it’s still very Night Elf-centric. To counter this I wanted to look for an approach that could counter this biased interpretation, so here is my idea and I would like to hear what others have to say about this.

Instead of having the major Elune lore from the perspective of Tyrande etc, it would be nice to have a shift in balance and let the Tauren have the concluding story on who and what Elune is. We could follow the Tauren through some of their oral history and find clues in ancient tradition and rituals that could lead us right into the cosmic war.

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Here is some examples:

  1. We accidentally stumble upon oral history that might have been misinterpreted and we have a look into this mystery. Think of a story that is focused on the stars, we already know the Tauren worshipped the sun and the moon, but what if they saw something else happen up there. And that something could lead us straight into understanding major plot mysteries and lead us into places we have only heard and dreamed about. (This could be a fun thing to do imo, this way we can step away from the scholarly way of looking at the stars and the universe, like in the way the Nightborne or the Night Elves have done. And actually have a story about oral history and misinterpretation. How one single Tauren sat on a mountain and saw the sky do pew pew pew, then told all his family and friends what he had encountered, but each one of them started to tell it very differently and so the saga continues… This already feels like a great terrible horde quest-line…)

  2. What if we see the Light come in as our big new threat or cosmic aspect. We could get more out of the sunwalker story. What if we see more of the sun worshipping sunwalker paladins and their traditions. They could maybe find a way to actually communicate with An’she (the sun). And in doing so find out more about Elune in the process. Are they the same entity? What actually happens with the sun and the moon?etc. (This could give the Elune story a little more time to breathe, as we actually start to find out more about Elune through the sun.)

  3. BONUS: While all this is happening we could now have some encrypted and vague Night Elf lore this time around. Or maybe we actually have Tyrande start a new journey towards uncovering the mysteries of Elunes powers, as she might need a breather after Shadowlands, that in the end can tie into the Tauren story. (That is to say if she is still alive by then.)

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I hope all of you had enough patience to read through all this, I would love to hear what y’all have to say on the subject of Tauren lore and on the story of Elune. Thank you!!!!

PS. Sorry if there is some lore flaws in there..


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