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Tauri WoW launcher problems, figured out

Maybe this can help some ppl, as I read there are some who have troubles with downloading the mop 5.4.8 client trough the tauri launcher and launching it. Personnaly I'm using an unlimited 1Mb per sec up/down lte connection, from my mobile which I tether to my PC.

At first I downloaded the downloader thing from here since I didn't want to use a torrent. After this one was finished after 2 nights of downloading. Opened the launcher, redirected the path to where I had the mop file saved and let it check. At first it just verified what I had downloaded, but would get stuck at around 77%, the launcher bar said it's downloading, while jumping from something like 12kb/s to 50 and back to zero b/sec. Let it run half an hour this way but made no progress, enabling p2p and other functions didn't help. Didn't check the mop file, should be 23GB.

Didn't want to give up there, so I downloaded utorrent and let it download the WoW Mists of Pandaria 5.4.8 Tauri Full Torrent. I checked all the files from the torrent, comparing them to either missing ones I had downloaded prior, or the ones which were smaller in size. Took me another 10 hours or so to download.

Then I opened the launcher again, this time it would stay stuck at 95%. Also tried to open mop with the wow.exe itself, but I got the archieve error. Was confused by then. Digging deeper into the error code and reading trough forum threads about a similiar issues I tried out more possibilities. I placed a with set realmlist inside the enUS file.

Then in the open tauri launcher I noticed a small config icon down middle left, I set the download to minimal client, let it check the path direction with all files yet again and it actually downloaded all 'missing' files correctly this time, even the text in the bar never dropped to 0b per second, stayed higher, jumping from roughly 50kb to 124 or something, it even had a text stating something like 'estimated time to finish 25 minutes', which it definetively didn't show prior.

But! It stopped at 99%, closed it, restarded PC and now I had a PLAY button this time. Clicking it gave me the wow errorcode about a archieve again, like when you open the wow.exe. Then I logged my account out from the launcher tried again. Took some time (probably because of my crap internet connection) to start up, first a small WoW window popped up and downloaded something which I'm not sure what it was, second the EULA/user agreement WoW text showed up after waiting a bit.

Then could log in finally, chose evermoon. Characters in the creator took time to load, probably because I use the minimal client? Made a fem goblin lock, first loading screen took ages, got booted from the server during the loading, logged back in and tada I'm in the goblin starter zone, few seconds in guild invite and chatted with the inviter.

Maybe this can help some with the same problem, what I wrote is by memory.


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