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TBC vs OSRS question

TLDR Recently I've gotten my girlfriend interested in WoW. We also have a friend couple that we want to play an mmo with and they are saying we should play OSRS and we are adamant on playing TBC private servers (because money). So in short, my fellow wow community, how do we convince these nerds to come to our side?

We've started on the TBC private server (can't remember the actual realm name). My girlfriend and I cannot justify paying 30 dollars a month to play roughly 10 hours a week if even that, hence why we found a private server. My girlfriend is new to mmos and gaming in general, and she doesn't really like to use the keyboard and mouse so we used the program JoytoKey to map out keyboard and mouse functions on our xbox controllers. Once we figured out the controller situation we have had a blast leveling together. She loves the sights and sounds and figuring out her abilities. I love the nostalgia and helping her understand the ropes. We have only gotten to level 10 and I'm sure there's going to be many challenges and laughs to be had.

With that said we would also love to introduce our friends to this joyful experience, friends who play the dreaded Runescape. My close friends play Runescape and I dabbled in it so I understand the appeal, but I personally don't like the passive combat gameplay. People don't necessarily play RS just for it's combat but for the sandbox aspects of it. I get that. I cannot see myself or my girlfriend enjoying the passive gameplay that OSRS has to offer and wish I could convince our mutual friends that the active gameplay TBC has to offer would be a more fun experience. I just imagine killing rock crabs together wouldn't be as fun as running the deadmines. Maybe there's something in missing that runescape has to offer for a group experience like questing or bossing but in general the graphics, music and passive combat just turns me off.

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I think our mutual friend couple will end up not playing wow and we will just find something else but that's really disappointing because I just don't understand why not. It's probably just nostalgia, we all have those games we grew up on and can't be replaced that we wish our friends would play with us.

If retail was free we would probably be there because we have another friend couple that plays (and pays) there, but I'm glad it isn't because this TBC private server is pretty amazing.


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