World of Warcraft (WoW)

The adventure of my Gf vs RNGesus – Alani’s mount

So, where to start…

My girlfriend is a hoarder…. in every game we play she always manages somehow to collect everything she can get her hands on. In fact she always has around three to four time the money that our friends or I do.

One day, once her hunter hit 60, she found her way to Mists of Pandaria, and these lands offered her something far too precious: Lots of continuous Rare spawns and lots of "Treasure Bags" (or gifts bag as she calls them).

Someone would imagine that she looked up on internet about the halls with the cache treasures… but no. She just got lost in there (obviously while hoarding and decimating the zone's population) and found herself in front of the cache with 20 or so keys.

Clearly, at this point she has already found a Skyshard and the question popped up "it's a violet item…. I wonder what's that for". I look it up and carelessly gave up the words "Just for a mount".

The need Intensified, so I investigated more and told her "okay, people on wowhead are saying that it's pretty hard, and some people are putting various hours per day per week to manage the 10 shards."

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In the meanwhile she dropped another 3.

I decide to accompany her, to witness the destroying fury she released on all those poor monsters.

Little did they know that she wouldn't stop until the 10 shards where out… or did they?

One after the other the shards dropped, and within just 5 hours (divided in 2 days) she had all 10 shards (worth mentioning that I was just at 2 shards).

She gets the mount and I congratulate her and her perserverance (I was not hopeful seeing wowhead's comment). Then I see a flash in her eyes… and notice that she's not using the mount and she starts killing the monsters again. I ask her what she's doing and she replies "Come, we need another 10 shards". I swear I saw cold sweat on all the monsters in the zone.

Useless to say, in that very same day, another 4 hours in, she got again all the 10 shards (now I was at my 4th shard) passed me the mount, and now, thanks to her we both have one.

Has she defeated RNGesus? Has she become one? Who am I with? (send help).


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