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The amount of XP required to level up followers on the Mission Table is completely ridiculous


As i'm sure everyone that even bothers with it has noticed it takes an insanely long amount of time to level the Mission Table followers this expansion. Personally i enjoy leveling mine equally and they've all just reached level 48 now from using the Mission Table since the release of Shadowlands until now, so about ~5 months to reach this point of sending my followers on missions a couple times a day.

As i noticed it was taking longer and longer to gain new levels i dove into the data to find out exactly how much is going to be required to reach the maximum level and shockingly discovered that

level 50 is about 50% of the required XP needed.

To level a follower to level 50 requires a total of 199.750 XP, and to level it from level 50 to 60 requires 195.500 XP.

This is just completely ridiculous and not at all compensated by any significant amount of increased experience for higher level missions. Blizzard "buffed" the pure XP missions recently but this was a drop in the bucket and should be increased at least tenfold.

For some napkin math, if you would only send your followers on the Solace for Souls bonus XP mission which awards 1200 XP + 2000 bonus XP and takes 10 hours to complete (without the 25% reduction from the Sanctum upgrade) it would take a follower 1235 hours of being on a mission. 51 full days.

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And this mission is obviously not available all the time for all your followers.

And on top of this, if you ever decide to change your Covenant, you can start all over again except for the two neutral followers, because all Covenants have their own exclusive followers that all start at level 1.

This is not reasonable and should be changed ASAP preferably by reducing the total XP required (so that people immediately get higher level followers) and if not then a minimum 1000% increase in XP rewards.

All followers should also be linked to their equivalent in the other Covenants (e.g. Nadija = Pelagos = Marileth = Niya) and share XP, so that changing Covenants doesn't completely reset your Mission Table.

Please, change this.


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