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“The community is at fault for the gold buying economy” No, Blizzard is FULLY at fault.

It has now become the norm here to criticise the player base – calling out gold buyers and demanding action from Blizzard. While taking actions against gold buyers would be a positive thing to see, this will do nothing if the biggest problem isn't addressed: The insane gold generating culture we have in the game.

I say "gold generating" as a general term that encompasses things like:

  • Botting. The #1 issue. Botting isn't just for levelling or picking up herbs and general farming, botting is a mega issue due to things like Blackrock Rogues doing pickpocket 24/7 – This is legit gold out of thin air that is being injected into the economy, go into your server and do a /who blackrock rogue, same thing applies to Strat bot groups. This is an enormous issue that needs to be addressed now. Ban bots.

  • Mage Farming/Boosting. The mage class has insane gold p/hour options. Which wouldn't be an issue if the gold wasn't coming from gold buyers. From SM/Mara/Zg boosts, ZF gold runs, Dire Maul, you name it. Whatever Blizzard intended in terms of AoE potential for mages, the player base has multiplied that tenfold. It's broken. Players should not be able to do this, either put a stop to terrain "exploiting" (SM cath fountain ledge/Mara pole), further AOE nerfs on massive pulls, XP nerf for level differences within groups) – There are so many things that could be done here. I personally have a fully decked out mage that has sold a lot of boosts, yet, I want this to go. It's broken. The people paying for these boosts are buying gold for sure (I know this because legit 50% of the people I boost aren't in a guild and often admit to being new players – where are they getting the 45g for 5 SM resets?). If mages aren't able to do this stuff anymore, it would put a cut in the incentive to buy gold very early on in the WoW experience.

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The playerbase will always do what the developer allows them to do. This isn't a WoW issue, it happens in any game, and even outside of games – People will always try to find the easiest route. It is Blizzard's responsibility to curb this and limit what people can do within the game: Much more proactiveness towards detecting and banning bots and nerf parts of the game that are simply exploits masked as "clever game mechanics".

We know Blizzard is most likely not to act on any this, but do not misdirect any of this towards the community – We are not at fault. If "JohnyG2G" comes to your GDKP run with 100k to spend, won't you feel at a disadvantage? If you're levelling the hard way and see people just flying through 20-50 in a couple of days with no effort at all, won't you feel at disadvantage? All of these disadvantages simply push people into more and more gold buying. Why let others benefit from this alone? Why should I be spending so much time farming gold? You won't be able to appeal based on morality and whatnot – It is all on Blizzard to fix.

TBC is coming out and we are already seeing the same shit happening: Mages in Slave Pen boosting away, the AoE nerf did nothing to stop this. This is the point to pressure Blizzard and stop the infighting within the playerbase.

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