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The Cosmology chart is wrong and Order does not exist.

Content of the article: "The Cosmology chart is wrong and Order does not exist."

First thing first, I'm probably completely wrong about all of this.

Every force on the Cosmology chart has their own realm that they come from and that we know exists. The Naaru and their presumed masters come from the Light and reside there except for the occasional visiting Naaru. The Voidlords and voidwalkers and their mates come from the Void and reside there unless summoned. The demons come from the Twisting Nether and are bound to it. Stewards, dredgers and Night Fae come from the Shadowlands and reside there, and the Wild Gods also have a connection with the Emerald Dream.

The Titans are born from worldsouls in Reality, our plane. They shape reality, like on Azeroth and Draenor. Sargeras defended reality against outside invaders, first against the Demons of the Twisting Nether, then against the Void. There's never been a mention of a plane of Order, even in Danuser's Taliesin and Evitel interview where he hints at Titans going to the plane of Order when they die, he really doesn't. When asked directly if Titans go to the Shadowlands or if they would go somewhere else, he only says that there's rules for mortal beings that die, they go to the Shadowlands, and that there's rules for magical beings that die, demons go back to the Twisting Nether and "maybe, based upon that, you could project what would happen to beings of other cosmic influences".

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My theory is that Titans are a blank slate that can be claimed/impressioned by other forces to become one of them. We've already seen this happen to three titans, Eonar is Life aligned, Sargeras became Disorder aligned, and Argus is Death aligned. I think this also is what the 'Titan ++' power level of Zovaal refers to, Titans get a power boost from aligning themselves with a cosmic force. Sargeras was strong enough to 1v6 the rest of the Titan pantheon. Argus was weaker because he's the Titan equivalent of a crackbaby born 8,5 months early, chugged a bottle of whisky and was then dropped on its head a few times. Eonar was strong enough to evade capture unlike the rest of the Titan pantheon. The Archon, The Primus, Sire Denathrius, Zovaal and The Winter Queen are Titans that were claimed by Death. Elune is a Titan that was claimed by Light. The Voidlords are Titans claimed by the Void.

Why is the machine of Death broken? A blast of red power, which looks suspiciously like Argus' energy. That would make sense, because Argus as a Death Titan would go back to the Shadowlands. The Arbiter probably didn't know what to do because it's the first time a Death Titan died outside of the Shadowlands.

TL;DR: Order doesn't exist, there is no plane of Order. The Titans are blank slates that can be claimed by any cosmic force, like Sargeras was claimed by Disorder, Argus by Death and Eonar by Life. The Archon, The Primus, Sire Denathrius, Zovaal and The Winter Queen are Death Titans, the Voidlords are Void Titans, Elune is a Light Titan. Aligning with a cosmic force gives a power boost as seen in Sargeras, which explains why Zovaal is of Titan plus plus power level. Argus dying caused the machine of Death to break.

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