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The Current and Damaging State of EU Servers

Content of the article: "The Current and Damaging State of EU Servers"

A census taken on Golemagg just now, early afternoon on a Saturday – essentially prime time outside of the 2 hours per week people raid. Golemagg is slightly horde favoured (57-43) so this is no more than 1500 total online – HALF of what servers in Vanilla were set up to handle, regardless of the fact that we've had 16 years of technological advancement to support a higher player count. Despite this fact the server is both locked and split into two layers – for no apparent reason. Why would a server smaller than the original Vanilla servers ever need to be layered? Why is the influx of low level players cut off?
Golemagg Alliance –

Take a look at, a website documenting the total raiding population of Classic servers. You can see Golemagg (6418) has LESS raiding players than multiple UNLOCKED servers. Razorgore comes in at 6840, Shazzrah at 7774, Pyrewood at 6930. Blizzard feels that none of these servers deserve to be locked to new players and yet inexplicably Golemagg is impossible to roll on for new players, peoples friends, or even to transfer existing alts to from other servers for players which play here.

Taking a census on Shazzrah Horde (63-37) right now gives around 2000 players online for maybe 3K total – an unlocked server has TWICE the players of a locked one.
Shazzrah Horde –

It is hard to overstate the damage which locking a server does to the community and the server as a whole. There are ZERO new recruits for guilds to combat player overturn, which means that the lesser guilds slowly erode and get absorbed into the higher tier guilds as players quit with nobody to replace them besides through poaching, something nobody likes. Low level zones are empty. Dungeon runs are impossible to join. The server is slowly running out of players available to pop world buffs because more and more people have simply completed the quests. The auction house is devoid of low level materials, many of which are crucial to the upcoming AQ War Effort – searching for Linen Cloth yields a sparse handful of results. Blizzard did NOT design this for a game where everyone is level 60 and no new players are engaging in low level content, where nobody is naturally gathering low level mats.

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NA servers have been unlocked and frankly it feels like Blizzard has forgotten about EU realms in general. This needs to be fixed yesterday, but since that's impossible it needs to be fixed asap.


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