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The Egg and You: Cracking the Easter Mystery

Greetings, it is with great pleasure that I present my extensive findings on a truly important matter that affects all of us: the Brightly Colored Eggs of Noblegarden.

On the day of Easter, mysterious Brightly Colored Eggs will appear around the six starting zones in Azeroth for a period of 24 hours, this event was later called Noblegarden and made longer. These eggs contain 1-8 copper and commonly a Lollipop, Candy Bar or Chocolate Square which are extremely bad food, but tradable and rare, or very rarely one of three cosmetics with no level requirement or armor class: Elegant Dress, White Tuxedo Shirt, Black Tuxedo Pants.

An amateur egg hunter, or eggling, may begin their journey by looking at the Wowhead guide ( and blindly following the markers therein. It is a great start, but I've had the chance to spend endless hours mostly alone in the plains of Mulgore and the gloomy woods of Tirisfal Glades to know better.

First, let's set the vocabulary:
Egg, the ultimate goal, the beacon of hope and excitement, the source of all that is good;
Node, a possible spawn point for an Egg;
Constellation, a group of Nodes.

The mechanics behind these eggs go far beyond what we might initially think, and this is why I want to present the result of my exploration. At first, I thought each node was independent, and that each egg could spawn wherever it pleased. Then I started relating their spawn to other mining and herbalism resources, since eggs were generally found somewhat equally spaced from another. At this point, while making rounds in the northern half of Mulgore, I started also clearing the southern part to attempt to make them respawn faster up north.

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After returning to Tirisfal Glades, I expected the more complicated geography to give me trouble. However, after about an hour, I had an epiphany of egg. My conjeggture was that each few Nodes were linked together, and an Egg could only respawn at one Node part of a Constellation at a time. This idea came to me after observing the way the eggs had been placed around, specifically at the northern shore of Tirisfal, and at both the starting areas of Deathknell and Red Cloud Mesa.

Indeed, according to how eggs were delicately positioned inside of circles of trees and next to bigger landmarks such as stones and fallen trees, there should have at least been more than one egg on the northern shore. This was not the case, as there was only one egg on all of the shore at once. Similarly, I only ever found a single egg at once in the starting zones, despite there being a ton of spawn points shown on Wowhead. Once I saw a new spawn point at the northern shore and checked the entirety of it before picking it up, finding no other, I started my grand work on constellations.

At first I filled it out by memory and feel, but soon I found myself revisiting each nodes then checking nearby ones to support the constellations or disallow them. I would compare my previous node findings from a gathering addon, then I superimposed the Wowhead maps on top of mine. When I couldn't find an egg in an apparent constellation, I would look around, guiding myself with the Wowhead nodes, following the general layout of eggs being placed around trees.

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Unfortunately, the rug was pulled from under me, as the event ended before I could finalize my work. This is what I had so far:
The Green/Black ovals are confirmed Nodes;
The Purple dots are Wowhead guide Nodes;
The Cyan lines are Constellation guesses;
The Red lines are impossible Constellation links, drawn when two Eggs were found back to back.

Constellations are always strong guesses at best, they are ever-evolving. It's always important to check surrounding constellations when finding an egg, in order to attempt to disprove any link.

Here are the fruits of my hunt, and two notable events:
A total of 160 eggs found;
A surprisingly balanced luck with 51 Lollipops, 54 Chocolate Squares and 53 Candy Bars;
An Elegant Dress on my 2nd egg, which is the only unique cosmetic from the event;
A White Tuxedo Shirt on my 9th egg, which is interesting for its lack of level requirement;
About 7.20 silver coins;
Obtaining at least two "very rare 1%" drops within the first 9 eggs has a probability of 0.34%;
Looting the same candy 7 times in a row had a probability of 0.14%.

Here are all the egg models, with the evil one only being present in Tirisfal:
Bright One –
Binary –
Spotty –
Zerg –
Evil –

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Thanks for reading, let's hope to finish the constellations of all six zones next year!

-Grand Archivist Pom Tukkersson of Clan Milluzkron


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