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The Horde neighbors

The Alliance has the most influence in the Eastern Kingdoms at this point (SL time) with still intact resources and still enough army to rival the Horde forces of Kalimdor, while the Horde in EK is "a bit of a mess" considering that the Forsaken just got into war and causes them a lot of casualty from people, territory, resources, and influential grip, while Quel'thalas even though its lands were not harmed during the wars in BFA it has spent soldiers and logistics, also that exiling of the void elves issue may not help in raising the blood elven citizens morale and its state image, and Revantusk is secluded and far away from its nearest horde allies. It now raise the question wouldn't it be nice if they become neighbors? As in instead of having kingdoms miles from each other why not have them band together then reclaim and expand their territory.

The Forsaken – Them having their homeland destroyed brought out by the war and making them refugees puts them in a perilous state. It can be recommended that they occupy the Ghostlands and make Deatholme their capital after all there are already forsaken forces living in Ghostlands and particularly in the Tranquillien. It will be good for the forsaken to have a place to stay and recuperate. Whether or not it will be a permanent stay or for a time at the least they have a place to build up their strength.

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The Revantusk – The Forest trolls that maintains their allegiance to the Horde. The Revantusk have an ancestral right to claim Zul'aman for they were one of the tribes that has their roots with the Amani Empire, more than that the Horde as their ally can assure their succession. Zul'aman probably have a contingent of Forest trolls within its walls and perhaps lacking a banner to hold on. Hence it can be a good time for Revantusk to come back home and re-establish Zul'aman as an ally (*cough* Ally Race *cough*) nation.

Quel'thalas – the nation that is a shadow of its former glory and a nation on the rise. Apparently Quel'thalas is the last bastion of Horde's influence in the Eastern Kingdoms thus it should offer an invitation for safe refuge and security for its Horde allies. It benefit Quel 'thalas by having allies that can secure its borders, establishing good alliance and asserting a good image to the members of the Horde.

The Problem: "how would there be a strong foundation of trust and security among horde nations in EK?"

Quel'thalas has its blunders such as the void elves being exiled, it should be addressed because how can the Forsaken and the Revantusk trust Quel'thalas if it made progressions and advancements in their society that conflicts those of Quel'thalas' ideals essentially that they are going to be neighbors. For example, if the Forsaken take hold of Ghostlands and does not have a problem on researching void for it does not bother them since they were undead however Quel'thalas is not okay with that and would probably deter connecting with them (i.e exile). It is important that these Horde allies just not build their alliance out of survival and utility but rather setting a goal that establish trust and prolonging those alliances. There will be a strong foundation of trust among these neighboring nations for it is not just one nation that asserts its authority in an issue but rather console with other nations that it neighbor's with, most of all being close to an allies nation can create a facet for a borderless nation especially that they are all horde.

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So what do you guys think? Would they be neighbors? or they are better off with them being apart from each other? Feel free to comment down below and Thank you.


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