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The Most Human Thing Happened Today

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I've been queueing for Mythic +9's because that's the gear level I need (ilvl 459.ohgodIcantaste460). Usually I stick to a handful of dungeons I know since I've only played for two months, and even then the results are mixed. (Ran a Borealus +9 and we were just hosed.) Explosions aren't making this easy going.

I applied for and got into Atal'Dazar. I recognized the dungeon, but it wasn't one of the ones I know like I thought it would be. So I dug down and we began. Two things became apparent:

1) I wasn't helping enough with explosions. I am the king of tabbing-through-targets-until-I-get-the-Skull, but I am apparently crap at clicking on them. (I'm asking guildies and Mythic communities for tips as I write this. I was just told to spam TAB and let Jeebus take the wheel.)

2) I did not know the mechanics. Usually, this is fine; I can not stand in stupid, avoid the Lasers of Death, and stay alive whilst killing the boss. So on one boss I was simply told, "Hunter, you trap the adds." and off he went. Wait, what? "Stand in the pool." What pool? Where? What? "OMG" "WTF" I just focused on the boss, at least contributing something.

Now I'm pretty sure I cost the keyholder his key. I butt-pulled some trash near the beginning that wiped us. We wiped on the last boss (me at the start of the fight, yelling back at being told to run Heroics and other witty remarks). Then… the tone shifted. I apologized to the keyholder and asked if there was anything I could do to make it up to him. He said it was just time and no big deal. "It's only a game, after all," another one said. The tank laid out the strat for the last boss and we got him down well after the timer ran out. I got bupkiss from the run.

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Afterwards, one of the guys DM'd me and asked if I had any keys he could help me run later/ I told him I had a 7 for The Underrot. He friended me, said he'd be in touch… and apologized for the group getting harsh on me. I said it was fine, things are intense and I felt bad for wasting time and the key.

It was the most human thing that I've experienced in this round of playing WoW in my life. Anger, resentment, stress… and then understanding, a helping hand, and apologies. I'm still blown away. They had every right to tell me off, and instead they were chill.

I don't know if pushing this key will help me gear up or not, but I was reminded why I play WoW today, and that was nice.


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