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The overreliance on the analytics team is suffocating retail

Content of the article: "The overreliance on the analytics team is suffocating retail"

The developers can still make compelling, fluid gameplay thats fun. But having to throw the layers of different currencies to purchase what effectively functions as talents on the game to make you stay logged in longer is crushing the fun of the game. Instead, they should just let the fun gameplay encourage us to play our mains and our alts.

There are other problems in the game (overreliance on rng everywhere, for instance), there's no denying it. But I think this is the issue at the heart of it all.

Hitting max level and not having all the tools to play your class properly (except not having better gear) is just not fun. Putting them behind multi-month grinds eliminates the possibility of playing alternate characters – and they are a huge draw for people like me.

The developers need to be allowed to make the game fun – this time gated nonsense with a multitude of different currencies and talent systems that are not tied to your character (hidden behind a time gated grind which is largely exclusive to your hunt for better items) is bad game design.

It feels like this design was mandated by a department that doesn't understand game design and just wants engagement KPIs. It's a design that keeps you logged in doing chores – not actually having fun.

So, while I'm subscribed, I'm feverishly trying to catch up with the daily chores. Eventually I tire of the chores and want a change of pace with an alt. When I level an alt I now have to do the same chores twice. The fun of the gameplay wears out when I realize I'm just doing chores most of the time. And I still can't catch up for months on either character, so I get discouraged and quit. After some time I get the urge to play again only to realize I'm behind everyone in a different patch again. Rinse and repeat.

Read:  I liked that Preach countered Ion's argument. It also put Ion in a good light. I know they're PR stunts and Ion will probably not appear on the show anymore or at least make Preach agree to not countering what he says, but I really liked it and it made the whole thing more human.

Sure, on the KPIs it looks like I'm really engaged when I'm subbed. But what about all those other months (sometimes years) I'm not? Before Blizzard worshipped at the altar of engagement, they just made the game fun. I subbed for years. Sure, I wasn't logged in every day for hours doing chores, but I definitely logged in frequently during the week and my $15 kept coming in.

I can't be the only one. How can Blizzard not see this?

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