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The population difference between alliance and horde is getting to a point where it’s game breaking.

I have 2 characters, one alliance and one horde. The difference in terms of population in my region is staggering – at this very moment, I can see about 10 keys on alliance for mythic+, while for horde it's almost 4 times the number. (This is for teams with a 220+ requirements, not in general)

Just to clarify, they're both 226 (proof if it's relevant to the topic for some reason), so this isn't a matter of 'not being able to see keys that have high requirements.' It is so painfully clear that alliance is massively behind in terms of player population compared to horde, it's not just mythic+ keys. It's finding guilds, it's making a group to do maw activities, it's the fact that there are 100+ guilds on horde that beat mythic sire and 40 something on alliance.

Cross-server mythic nathria is never going to see the light of day at this rate, not before 9.2, and it's ridiculous that we have this meaningless obstacle to doing mythic raiding just because blizzard is obssessed with 'leaderboards' and 'ladder' and all that useless crap Ion loves shoving up his own asshole.

Every single aspect of the game, playing as an alliance is a much worse experience due to the lack of players. It really doesn't matter that there are better racials, nobody cares about racials – nobody is going to play mechagnome just because it does like 50 more damage than other races. Hell I wouldn't play alliance at all if worgens didn't exist, and that is the only thing stopping me from faction changing to horde. Why is alliance designed this way anyway? It's just humans, short humans, slavic humans, fat humans and humans with lightbulb eyes. It's so boring and unattractive for an epic fantasy like wow. Frankly it's so imbeded within wow's system I don't see them fixing it ever, but there is one simple solution that for some reason the devs have been unwilling to dish out even though it's asked for again and again.

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Open the god damn mercenary mode for PVE content. Just fucking do it. No more stupid 'faction lore' crap excuses. Just fucking do it.


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