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The problem is not the game

Content of the article: "The problem is not the game"

The biggest problem this game has is the community.

Some context; I came back recently and wanted to progress Ny'alotha heroic, since I dont have a guild I decided to create my own pug, I met awesome people and I'll talk about them later but for now I'll focus my complaint on those players that:

  • Ask for a summon without even saying hello to the group, sometimes they dont even ask, they DEMAND.
  • Someone dies to a mechanic, the rest of the group is still alive and the boss is dying, then there is that player that with all his "good intentions" lets that player know how bad and boosted they are and proceeds to spam the raid chat into a shitfest, distracting and demoralizing everyone else.
  • People that spam whisper you their achievements, yeah, I know many people ask for curved BUT if Im not asking for it and you link some other achievement like "Hey I killed X Boss on Mythic" it really gives no important info for me to decide anything 'cause:
  1. Yeah, you might have killed Skitra on mythic, but how does that help us at all on killing let's say Vexiona or Xanesh, huh?
  2. If I haven't answered to your whisper the first time and you insist it won't yield any more results, just don't please
  3. Yeah, you may have all achievements and whatever you want BUT we are full on dps's so unless you can heal with your Demon Hunter I can't invite you
  • Someone asks for pull timer and then someone ninjapulls
  • The most "pro players" want you to kick those "low item level players", item level which drops in this same instance btw. (Im quoting here: "465 is kinda low for heroic Ny'alotha")
  • The raid starts fighting the boss, people fuck mechanics and we all die: "we lack dps"
  • The raid starts fighting the boss, everything goes smooth and we get it below 10% boss health, then we wipe for whatever reason: "Yeah, gl with this boosted group, bye" and they proceed to leave like that (Sometimes they were the ones failing mechanics / performing poorly :^))
  • After a wipe: Random "pro player" starts telling everyone how bad they performed, they get kicked for their bad attitute and proceed to pull the boss all the time until they get kicked out of instance after 1 min.
  • After a successful kill on a boss first try, everything smooth: "Okay, ty guys, im leaving now" and the whole group disbands one by one
  • Okay, so group A does X and group B does Y, everybody knows his group and what they have to do right? well, apparently not
  • "You guys won't make it if you wipe on this boss that means you guys suck" said a rando at Wrathion after a wipe before leaving, guess what, that same day we cleared Wrathion Maut Skitra Xanesh Vexiona and Hivemind lmao
  • "Kick that DPS, he is not doing enough damage" *checks their stats and the stats of the DPS they want to kick* Turns out they were only 10k ahead of him and all his damage was two demon hunter abilities and procs ¯_(ツ)_/¯
  • "I'll go WC / smoking / feed the dog / whatever while you look for a tank, brb" after 5 mins we find a tank, we all wait 10 mins. They never came back so we decide to kick them and go on, after 30 mins: "HEY WHY THE FUCK DID YOU KICK ME I SAID BRB"
  • "Oh, you kicked me? how dare you, you suck you will never make it im telling you, stop trying"
  • "Dont invite them if they are not 12/12 / Curved "
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It was a shitfest but I managed to clear all the way till Carapace of Nzoth (not included yet) and got a lot of fun with some people but this attitute is burning me out for real, this kind of players that only look at numbers and forget mechanics, manners, respect… It's tiring.

Cause yeah, you, player A may have higher item level than player B but maybe he actualy took care choosing the stats he wants and can perform their role way better with less "item level" and yeah, maybe that other player might be doing less DPS but he is interrumpting the mechanic you are ignoring and would otherwise wipe us or maybe he is giving game changing callouts, and MAYBE only MAYBE you don't need to copy that pro player's talents race and spec to be good enough to clear all difficulties if you'd otherwise be more confortable with your own choice.

At the end, we are not robots and this is not supposed to be an excel simulator, enjoy the game, the fantasy, be respectful and don't feel forced to mix/max everything.

Covenants in Shadowlands sound like a cool idea that will be ruined by this kind of attitute, remember this is supposed to be a mmo RPG, join the covenant you enjoy / would fit your character's personality and enjoy the game as it is, a game, not a job.


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