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The seemingly impunity of harassers in World of Warcraft

Content of the article: "The seemingly impunity of harassers in World of Warcraft"

Hi, my name is Peter, and I've been playing World of Warcraft for about 15 of the 16 years it has been out. Why did I miss a year? Grab a coffee, I have a couple stories to share.

I've also shared this on the official WoW forums, if you prefer to answer there:

Of those 15 years, nearly half of them have been spent playing with the AH, and with very casual gameplay in between. Which is my main driving train in WoW since Legion, last time I raided was in WoD.

I didn't play WoW through most of Pandaria until the WoD prepatch, why? Harassment from another player. Some people just don't like having competition in the AH and will go full psychopath trying to win the game. This guy prosecuted every business I managed to touch, and is ethically fine, as it's flagged as "AH PvP", but when he couldn't get me out of the AH, the harassment begun. He would create characters to whisper and harass me every single day, I don't know how many, but I can tell you that the ignore list has a limit of 50, and all of them where his. I reported his behaviour every single time he continued the harassment, and kept getting the same "We take this issues very seriously, please keep using the report tool, and we'll take every action possible". In the end I quit the game because of sheer frustration, and this scum of a person kept playing the game.

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Now, after 8 years, I'm in a similar situation. There's this psycho which, in turn, thinks he's the boss of the AH (the previous one at least played intelligently). After about a month of AH PvP, were he mindlessly bought me 800k worth of enchants which he though he could flip for a benefit, He tried to communicate with me about 4 times, all of them just to insult me, but after a couple times, I just ignored him. He would keep spamming emotes (even when ignored, the emote animation plays) and run and jump all around me all day. He even pulled out pets with "names" to call me, even pull out pets sequentially to build phrases to call me stuff… I didn't care. I've also been told that he spams full monologues against me via /say, I didn't even want to know about the content. Now he has gone full psycho, in the last two days, I've ignored and reported about 6-7 characters of his, I also had to ignore a third person which he used to send me messages via /say. The messages go from plain insults, to questioning my sanity/virginity, imply that I'm botting, threats about spreading bad word of me through the server, about seeking my other auctioning toons among other servers… all kind of stuff. This is ridiculously tiring, and it is HARD not to answer to him (which I haven't

But it doesn't stop here, I got in contact with and old guildie of yesteryear which also plays the AH, and has been widthstanding this guy since March, and his activity didn't stop with the insults and threats, this psycho actually recopilated IRL info on him, and whispered every guildie of him asking for more IRL info. He has reported him countless times, and he's still playing and not banned.

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Blizzard PRs have their mouth full of praise about their efforts against toxicity whenever they write a press note on it, but it doesn't reflect into the actual game.

While I get that my duty is to "report and ignore him"… The actual job of the GMs is to do something about it. How much do we have to widthstand? Do I have to leave the game again? And let think this psycho that he 'has won'? Why do I have to get to the point when I think of this psycho even when I'm offline and nothing seems to be done about it?

This all takes me to two main points:

  • We need better tools to ignore/block this kind of people: We need an option to block an account as a whole, with improved functionality, such as (for example) not seeing that persons emotes/name/pet names… anything. Heck, that person's toon should also be replaced with a random, ugly troll.
  • The GMs really, REALLY need to step up their game. No one should feel uncomfortable playing the game, no one should feel frustration whenever the WoW client flashes with a whisper… And ABSOLUTELY NO ONE should feel forced to leave the game because another random player's behaviour.
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If someone managed to get all the way through this, thanks for reading.


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