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The shoot macro which is spammable without canceling shoot.

Content of the article: "The shoot macro which is spammable without canceling shoot."

So I have a lvl 14 warlock. Before I made the character I was looking up macros. I discovered a macro which said “a shoot button which is spammable.” I thought that was cool, because I also have a level 20 priest with wand spec. Many times on my journey to level 20 on my priest, I would accidentally push the button again and cancel my shoot. Or the abilities and the shoot would get jumbled up and I’d be left standing there not shooting, have to re press the button and wind up again.

So I found the macro while looking up macros for my warlock. I bought myself a wand at lvl 5. After leveling the priest I was very paranoid about the shoot button. Trying my hardest not to push it more than once or else your whole rotation gets screwed up.

But the macro said the button is spammable. So I forced myself to experiment and spam the button and low and behold it worked!

It was quite nice, I was able to spam the button and it just made things cleaner. If I had to stop my rotation or weave in a shoot or whatever complex situation, it made the shoot process very clean and smooth.

Well I did that the past 2 days I’ve leveled. But today when I logged on and started questing, the macro button does not work anymore. I cannot spam the button anymore. It now cancels the shoot like the button from the spell page does.

I asked about it in LFG. A few people whispered me and confirmed that yes, they use the same macro and it is indeed spammable without canceling the shoot function.

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However the rest of LFG belittled me and treated me like I’m stupid for thinking that it was even possible to have a macro which causes you to be able to spam shoot without canceling it.

So my question is….why the hell does my shoot macro no longer work all of a sudden? The people who whispered me said they use the same macro.

The macro is this:

/cast !Shoot

Apparently it works for some and does not work for others. Someone I. LFG said they use the same macro but it does cancel the shoot for them.

Why is it different for different people? It makes no sense. Is there a way to have a more reliable shoot button that cannot be canceled by pressing it again?

Sorry it had to be a long post. I felt the details were necessary due to the way the people In LFG automatically treated me like I was stupid. I want to be specific so I can avoid that and get my question answered. Thanks in advance!


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