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The True Hardmode (Taking back Skeram) A

Content of the article: "The True Hardmode (Taking back Skeram) A"

Tired of a being on the faction dominated server? Looking for the true hardmode challenge? Allow me to introduce you to Skeram, the 99% Horde server where horde roam around for easy pickings. R14? No problem, 400k brackets. Want gear? Easy to do when raid teams are starving for certain classes. Maybe you want to experience a true uphill battle? Skeram is the place to be! Take back the lands from the Horde, become the new dominant faction on Skeram. We’re here to help you with the opportunity for loot and endgame progression!

About Us:
We’re a newly formed guild looking to become the best Alliance guild on the server while maintaining an efficient and performance oriented raid group. We are a mix of semi-hardcore and hardcore players that strive to better ourselves through constructive criticism while having an enjoyable raid environment. Together we plan to succeed in our common goals and enjoying the game together along the way.

We are looking for:
Players who are reliable and looking to improve performance not only with themselves but with their raid as a whole. We want like-minded individuals with the endgame goal in mind looking to create a perfect unit of efficiency and performance.

We can offer:
Knowledge of endgame content (Raid Leaders main is currently AQ 9/9 in sub 2hrs)

A fun environment that will allow people to feel at home and enjoy the game the way it was meant to be played.

Constructive criticism/Knowledge of high skill performance with a majority of classes while maintaining a non-toxic guild environment to help boost yourself in becoming the player you want to be/become.

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Raid Schedule:
Sunday/Monday 8:00PM – 12:00AM EST

Recruitment Needs:
Disc/Holy Priests (mid)
Mages (high)
Holy Paladin (mid)
Warlocks (mid)
Rogues (closed)
Restoration Druid (closed)
Fury Warriors (mid/high)

Loot Rules:
With the lack of full time raiders and a raid that isn’t complete, we currently have a Soft Reserve MS>OS with Prio system in place. We are looking at a few loot rules so it is liable to change in the near future when our core comes together.

8/8 BWL
4/9 AQ40 (Looking for a full raid team to progress with)

Point of Contact Discord:

Point of Contact Ingame:


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