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The Ultimate TBC PVP sheet: What is the best PVP class in TBC? What are the best arena comps in TBC?

Due to some free time recently I decided to write a little summary of TBC PVP and what you can expect so that, hopefully, it might help some of you folks. All that is written here is based on my personal experience and on the experience of some high-rated players both on retail and privates.

I noticed that many people keep asking the same questions over and over:

What is the best PVP class in TBC?

– What is the best 2s arena comp in TBC?

– What is the best 3s arena comp in TBC?

What is the best PVP class in TBC?

To answer this question, you must first ask yourself – "How good am I at WoW, and how much time do I want to dedicate to the game itself?" Why? Simply because of the difficulty of some classes you might fail even if you play the "meta" class. In even simpler terms:

"A kick to the head might be better than a punch in the face BUT are you able to kick someone in the head?"

If you play a mechanically less demanding class, you might find better success with it and you will enjoy the game more. Playing a B-tier class at 80% of its potential is much better than playing an S-tier class at 50% of its potential. Many people fail to realize this and are trying to bend over with the class that is supposed to be stronger but don´t find much success with it. Stick to what you like, stick to what you are good at and then focus on the current meta.

You must also realize that meta shifts depending on the season and there isn´t THE ONE AND ONLY class that will get you your desired Gladiator title whenever you decide to play. For example, classes such as Shadow Priests or BM Hunters might be stronger early in the game but they will not scale as much as Warriors or Druids do. The first season will highly favor double-DPS comps, mainly due to healers not having enough resilience and healing powers. For this reason, comps such as Warlock / Shadow Priest or Frost Mage / Sub Rogue will be more powerful in Season 1 than in Season 4.

So what is the meta in the arena environment in TBC?

S: Resto Druid, Disc Priest, Sub Rogue, SLSL Warlock

A: Frost Mage, Arms Warrior, Resto Shaman

B: Feral Druid, MM Hunter, Arcane Mage, Ret Paladin, Shadow Priest

C: Balance Druid, BM Hunter, Survival Hunter, Assa Rogue, Ele Shaman, Enh Shaman, Destro Warlock

D: Fire Mage, Holy Paladin, Holy Priest, Combat Rogue

E: Prot Paladin, Fury Warrior, Prot Warrior

Classes in the S and A tier are generally more powerful than classes in the B or C tier but it doesn´t mean that those classes won´t find success even at higher ranks. The Player's knowledge of the game comes always first. To be successful in arenas, you must know every single class, spell, effect, and cooldown in the game. If you have knowledge of the game and its mechanics, you need mechanical skills. If you are clicking on the spells in your spellbar, you need to start using binds. If you have binds, start using macros. Most people bind some spells and click the rest. If you have trouble binding all of your spells, pick up a class with fewer spells and try to maximize your binding game. Won´t do you any good if you are clicking on the spells in your spellbar, manually targeting enemies in the arena, and so on.

Let´s take a closer look at each class:

Below you can find a description of all classes, their pros, and cons in TBC PVP, and their arena viability. TIER 1 means the strongest team composition possible for any given class, TIER 2 means viable team composition. There might be some comps that I missed but generally, this is the meta of team comps in TBC arenas. I added difficulty of the classes and this is, too, based only on my personal view of how hard these classes are to me, how many abilities they have, how many fast decision-making processes they have to undergo during the arena match, and so on.


Difficulty: 8/10

Resto Druid is arguably the strongest and most versatile healer in the game. Druid has very good mobility, high survivability, he doesn´t have to hard-cast heals, and has a quite strong CC. Druid gets better with each season. At the beginning of TBC, Druid lacks survivability and is generally considered strongest in Seasons 3 and 4. Feral Druid is more than decent and Boomie is semi-viable but they are really niche specs and aren´t as great due to the lack of their core spells and mechanics that were added in later expansions. This is why you will mostly see Resto Druids. Some Druids will run so-called Restokin (Dreamstate) spec, which is a Balance Druid up to Moonkin form with healing gear and NS – this spec excels mainly in the last season and is most viable in the high CC duo comps – which is why it might be the best Druid spec to run with a Rogue in Season 4. In general, Druid is the most versatile class in the game and thus has the most potential arena combinations both in 2v2 and 3v3.

Pros and cons of Druids in TBC PVP:

+ The best mobility of all classes

+ Great survivability

+ Instant HOTs (especially Lifebloom)

+ Good mana management

+ Strong CC (Cyclone, Roots, Hibernate, Bash, Charge, etc.)

+ Decent damage+ Wide variety of viable comps

+ Immune to Sap, Polymorphs, and Mana burns in animal forms

– Lack of offensive and defensive magic dispell

– Vulnerable to dispell (especially against Priests and Shamans)

– Vulnerable if caught outside of a bear form

What are the best 2v2 arena comps for Druid in TBC?


Resto Druid / Sub Rogue (or Restokin)

Resto Druid / SLSL Warlock

Resto Druid / Arms Warrior


Feral Druid / Sub Rogue

Feral Druid / Disc Priest

Resto Druid / MM Hunter

Resto Druid / Frost Mage

What are the best 3v3 arena comps for Druid in TBC?


Resto Druid / SLSL Warlock / Sub Rogue (RLD)

Resto Druid / SLSL Warlock / Arms Warrior (WLD)

Resto Druid / Disc Priest / Sub Rogue, Arms Warrior, MM Hunter (Double-healer)


Resto Druid / Frost Mage / Sub Rogue (RMD)

Resto Druid / Sub Rogue / Arms Warrior

Resto Druid / Frost Mage / Shadow Priest (Shattreeplay or God Comp)

Resto Druid / Frost Mage / Arms Warrior (WMD)

In 2s, you can play with any DPS that has either a healing reduction effect (such as Mortal Strike, Aimed Shot, etc.) or strong CC chains (Rogue, Mage, Warlock).

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In 3s, you can run pretty much anything but arguably the most powerful 3s Druid comps are RLD and WLD, which are one of the best 3v3 team comps in the game. Extremely powerful comps, especially in TBC, is Double-healer. This comp can be played with any DPS that has a healing reduction effect and other than very long games it has almost zero counterplays.


Difficulty: 10/10

Hunters are extremely hard to play and to be viable, you have to play flawlessly. Even though all Hunter specs are semi-viable, in early seasons, you might find the most success as a BM Hunter. Later in the game, I would recommend switching to MM Hunter. Hunter´s arena viability is caused by his extremely high difficulty and limits in his defenses.

Pros and cons of Hunters in TBC PVP:

+ High damage tears down cloth & leather armor wearers

+ Viper sting drains mana+ Decent CC with traps

+ Healing reduction effect with Aimed Shot

+ Pet is always there for you if you ever feel lonely

– Hard to master

– Very limited arena comps viability

– Lower damage output if the pet dies

– Lacks strong defensive cooldowns such as Cloak of Shadows

What are the best 2v2 arena comps for Hunter in TBC?


MM Hunter / Resto Druid


MM Hunter / Disc Priest

MM Hunter / Sub Rogue

MM Hunter / Feral Druid

MM Hunter / Ret Paladin

What are the best 3v3 arena comps for Hunter in TBC?


MM Hunter / Resto Druid / Disc Priest (PHD or drain comp)


MM Hunter / Ret Paladin / Disc Priest (PHP)

MM Hunter / Healer (Any) / Sub Rogue

MM Hunter / Healer (Any) / SLSL Warlock

In 2s, Hunter can run with any healer but he will find the most success with those that have better CC. Double-DPS comps are semi-viable as well but due to Hunter´s low defenses, he can die extremely fast.

In 3s, Hunter will find the most success in the PHD (drain comp). The double healer comp can help him fill his gaps in defenses and keep his pet alive longer. Priests dispells and offensive capabilities combined with Mana burns make this combo quite deadly. Other semi-viable comps might include Warrior, Rogue, Feral Druid, Warlock, or Frost Mage.


Difficulty: 8/10

Good Mage often makes a huge difference between winning and losing. Mages tend to control the tempo of the match. Objectively, the best arena spec in TBC PVP is Frost. Frost has the best survivability and CC out of all 3 specs. Arcane is somewhat viable early on with huge PoM-Pyro bursts and Fire is arguably the weakest of all 3 specs – but might be fun in BGs or maybe paired with Destro Warlock.

Pros and cons of Mages in TBC PVP:

+ One of the best CC in the entire game with Polymorphs, slows, and freezes

+ Great burst potential

+ Good survivability with Ice Barrier, Ice Block,…

+ Good counter-play potential with Counterspell, Spellsteal,…

+ Blink

– Can run out of mana pretty fast, mainly due to Mana Shield

– Magic dispells of Priests and Paladins can lower his damage output

– Vulnerable to offensive dispell

What are the best 2v2 arena comps for Mage in TBC?


Frost Mage / Sub Rogue

Frost Mage / Disc Priest


Frost Mage / Shadow Priest

Frost Mage / Feral Druid

Arcane Mage / Arcane Mage

What are the best 3v3 arena comps for Mage in TBC?


Frost Mage / Disc Priest / Sub Rogue (RMP)

Frost Mage / Shadow Priest / Resto Shaman (Shatterplay)

Frost Mage / Sub Rogue / Resto Shaman (RMS)


Frost Mage / Resto Druid / Sub Rogue (RMD)

Arcane Mage / Destro Warlock / Resto Shaman (MLS)

Frost Mage / Feral Druid / Disc Priest (FMP)

Frost Mage / Arms Warrior / Resto Druid (WMD)

In 2s, Mages tend to run with a Sub Rogue or Disc Priest. This is where they will find the most success. Other comps are semi-viable but can be fun to play.

In 3s, Mages will be mostly playing RMP, which is arguably one of the strongest 3s comps in TBC but is really hard to master and coordinate. Great RMP can sit at 2500 rating easily while mediocre RMP won´t get over 1800. Early seasons might be dominated by MLS or Shatterplay, which are extremely powerful against people with low resilience.


Difficulty: 6/10

Paladin did not receive many buffs from his Classic era and is considered one of the weaker classes in TBC PVP. Holy Paladin was, objectively, the weakest PVP healer in the game and Ret lacked sustainable damage or other offensive spells. Although Paladins were very strong and very popular in 5s due to their strong party utilities, those arena matches aren´t considered much. Fortunately for Rets, Seal-twisting will still be a thing in TBC and that will surely differentiate good paladins from the bad ones.

Pros and cons of Paladins in TBC PVP:

+ Defensive dispell

+ Bubble and BoP

+ Hand of Freedom

+ Surprisingly good burst both as Holy and Ret

+ Good for new players

+ Plate armor

– All heals must be hard-casted and thus is vulnerable to interrupts

– If wings are used, Paladins can´t bubble for 1 min. due to Forbearance

– Low CC – HoJ can be dispelled easily

– Low mobility

– Limited team comps

What are the best 2v2 arena comps for Paladin in TBC?


Ret Paladin / Resto Shaman


Holy Paladin / Arms Warrior

Ret Paladin / Sub Rogue

Ret Paladin / Frost Mage

What are the best 3v3 arena comps for Paladin in TBC?


Ret Paladin / Resto Shaman / Arms Warrior


Ret Paladin / Resto Shaman / Sub Rogue

Holy Paladin / Arms Warrior / SLSL Warlock

In 2s, Holy Paladins are not very viable. Ret Paladins will find great success if paired with Resto Shamans. Windfury totem procs give them great burst potential.

In 3s, Ret/Arms/Rsham provide unexpectedly huge burst with Bloodlust and Windfury totem. Mainly in seasons 3 and 4. If both Paladin and Warrior get Windfury procs, they may instantly kill whomever they are fighting. In this comp, Warrior can be swapped for Sub Rogue and the comp will still remain very powerful.


Difficulty: 8/10

Priest is the second-best healer in the TBC PVP and if played right with the right comp, he might even be the best healer in TBC PVP. Disc Priest is a powerhouse that has almost everything a healer needs – great heals, absorbs, CC, damage reduction effects, offensive dispell, defensive dispell, high damage, and so on. The only weakness of a priest is his low mobility which is why he needs classes that can peel for him – keeping enemies away from him. Shadow Priest has potential but the lack of a strong defensive cooldown makes him very vulnerable.

Pros and cons of Priests in TBC PVP:

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+ Great heals

+ Amazing absorbs and damage reduction effects

+ Offensive and defensive dispell

+ Very good damage output

+ Strong CC with Fear bombs

+ Mana burn

+ Mass dispell

– Low mobility

– Cloth Armor makes him much more vulnerable to melee DPS

– Needs high-peeling partner in arenas

What are the best 2v2 arena comps for Priests in TBC?


Disc Priest / Sub Rogue

Disc Priest / Frost Mage

Shadow Priest / Sub Rogue


Disc Priest / MM Hunter

Disc Priest / Arms Warrior

Shadow Priest / SLSL Warlock

What are the best 3v3 arena comps for Priests in TBC?


Disc Priest / Sub Rogue / Frost Mage (RMP)

Disc Priest / Resto Druid / Sub Rogue, Arms Warrior, MM Hunter (Double-healer)

Disc Priest / Sub Rogue / SLSL Warlock (RLP)

Shadow Priest / UA Warlock / Resto Shaman (Shadowplay)

Shadow Priest / Frost Mage / Resto Shaman (Shatterplay)


Shadow Priest / Sub Rogue / Resto Druid (RPD)

In 2s, the best fit with Priest is high CC class such as Rogue or Frost Mage. TBC meta, contrary to Wotlk meta, was mostly about setting up CC chains to get a kill. Priest could achieve that mostly with a Rogue or Frost Mage. In later seasons, when people have more resilience and higher survivability, Priests can run with a Warrior and achieve great results.

In 3s, you will mostly see RMP comps, which can be quite scary to face, mainly in the early seasons. To a similar extent are Shadowplay and Shatterplay comps, which will dominate early seasons due to high kill pressure and strong CC chains. Double-healer or Drain comp provides strong survivability and control.


Difficulty: 10/10

The bread and butter of TBC PVP, Rogue. Some would argue that Sub Rogue is the most overpowered PVP class in the game and they are not far from being right. Rogue has it all and being the best crowd controller with healing reduction effect in the entire game whilst being able to pull insane damage and burst is all one needs to dominate in arenas. Rogue has so many strengths and so few weaknesses that if he has cooldowns, he can´t lose. If he doesn´t have cooldowns, he can reset them with Preparation. That being said, Combat Rogue is not viable in arenas, and Assassination, whilst having better burst potential, can´t compare with Subtlety´s utility.

Pros and cons of Rogues in TBC PVP:

+ Amazing CC (Sap, Blind, Stuns, Gauge, Kick,…)

+ Great damage and stickiness to the target

+ Superb defensive abilities (Cloak of Shadows, Vanish, Evasion, Cheat Death,…)

+ Reset on those abilities with one button (Preparation)

+ Poisons (Healing reduction, Casting speed extension, Slow,…)

+ High mobility

+ Wide variety of playable comps

– Difficult to master

– There will be many other Rogues playing

– Cooldown dependent

What are the best 2v2 arena comps for Rogue in TBC?


Sub Rogue / Resto Druid (or Restokin)

Sub Rogue / Frost Mage

Sub Rogue / Disc Priest

Sub Rogue / Shadow Priest


Sub Rogue / Feral Druid

Sub Rogue / SLSL Warlock

What are the best 3v3 arena comps for Rogue in TBC?


Sub Rogue / Frost Mage / Disc Priest (RMP)

Sub Rogue / SLSL Warlock / Disc Priest (RLP)

Sub Rogue / Resto Druid / SLSL Warlock (RLD)


Sub Rogue / Resto Druid / Frost Mage (RMD)

Sub Rogue / Resto Druid / Arms Warrior

Sub Rogue / Frost Mage / Shadow Priest

Sub Rogue / Resto Druid / Shadow Priest

Sub Rogue / Sub Rogue / Resto Druid

Sub Rogue / Feral Druid / Disc Priest

In 2s, in early seasons specifically, Sub Rogue / Frost Mage and Sub Rogue / Shadow Priest will be extremely scary to face. These comps have amazing synergy, CC, and damage. When well-coordinated, they have very few weaknesses. In later seasons, Rogue paired with Resto Druid or Disc Priest will be extremely powerful.

In 3s, Rogue can work in every imaginable team. There are comps such as RMP and RLP that will dominate early seasons and even RMP with Shadow Priest might be TIER 1 in early seasons. Later in the game, comps such as RLD might dominate the arena.


Difficulty: 7/10

Shamans are quite similar to Paladins. The most viable of all 3 specs is Resto but he has some weaknesses. The whole Earth Shield can be dispelled with one click of a button and all heals must be hard-casted. Totems can be destroyed with a single hit and most skilled players will instantly destroy core totems countering their kit. Fun to play, mostly in BGs, are Ele Shamans and Enha Shamans. Ele has some mana issues and hard-casting issues and Enha, similar to Feral Druids and Ret Paladins, lack their powerful utilities that were added in later expansions. Shamans are great in 5v5 due to their great utility, AoE damage, AoE heals, and Bloodlust.

Pros and cons of Shamans in TBC PVP:

+ Great offensive dispell (Purge)

+ Ranged spell-kick (Earth Shock)

+ Bloodlust/Heroism

+ Amazing burst potential with WF procs (Enh) or Lightning Overload (Ele)

+ Can self-sustain surprisingly well with Nature´s Guardian (Resto)

+ Powerful AoE Heal+ Totems provide great utility (Grounding totem, Tremor Totem,…)

– All heals and most damaging abilities must be hard-casted and thus is vulnerable to interrupts

– Totems are easily destroyed

– No defensive magic dispell

What are the best 2v2 arena comps for Shaman in TBC?


Resto Shaman / Ret Paladin

Resto Shaman / Arms Warrior


Resto Shaman / SLSL Warlock

Resto Shaman / Sub Rogue

Resto Shaman / MM Hunter

What are the best 3v3 arena comps for Shaman in TBC?


Resto Shaman / Ret Paladin / Arms Warrior

Resto Shaman / UA Warlock / Shadow Priest (Shadowplay)

Resto Shaman / Frost Mage / Shadow Priest (Shatterplay)


Resto Shaman / Sub Rogue / SLSL Warlock

Resto Shaman / Destro Warlock / Arcane Mage (MLS)

Enh Shaman / Arms Warrior / Resto Druid (Turbocleave)

Resto Shaman / Ret Paladin / Sub Rogue (Scooby-Doo Cleave)

In 2s, Shamans tend to run with a class that has a big two-handed weapon for these sweet WF procs. That´s why the most viable partners are Ret Paladins and Arms Warriors.

In 3s, Shamans can run with 2 two-handed melee classes (Ret, Warr) or 2 spell casters. In early seasons, when casters tend to be more powerful, you will see plenty of powerful comps such as Shadowplay, Shatterplay, and MLS.


Difficulty: 7/10

Warlock is a true nightmare in the eyes of every WoW veteran player. They were extremely powerful in Classic and they grew even stronger in TBC. SL/SL Warlock is almost unbeatable in a 1v1 situation and unless you kill his pet in the arena, you won´t be able to win most of the time. Other than great survivability, Warlocks have amazing CC and game-changing mechanics with Fear, Curse of Tongues, and other abilities. It is also the only caster that can never truly run out of mana due to constant Life Taps.

Pros and cons of Warlocks in TBC PVP:

+ Great AoE pressure with DOTs

+ Incredible survivability (with Soul Link and Siphon Life)

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+ Powerful game-altering mechanics (Fear, Curse of Tongues, Death Coil,…)

+ The best mana-management in the game (Life Tap)

+ Multiple demons to choose from

+ Wide variety of viable comps

– Vulnerable to dispells

– Low mobility

– If summoned demon dies, Warlock becomes extremely vulnerable

What are the best 2v2 arena comps for Warlock in TBC?


SLSL Warlock / Resto Druid

SLSL Warlock / Disc Priest


SLSL Warlock / Shadow Priest

SLSL Warlock / Sub Rogue

SLSL Warlock / Feral Druid

What are the best 3v3 arena comps for Warlock in TBC?


SLSL Warlock / Resto Druid / Sub Rogue (RLD)

SLSL Warlock / Resto Druid / Arms Warrior (WLD)

SLSL Warlock / Disc Priest / Sub Rogue (RLP)

UA Warlock / Resto Shaman / Shadow Priest (Shadowplay)


Destro Warlock / Arcane Mage / Resto Shaman (MLS)

SLSL Warlock / Sub Rogue / Resto Shaman

SLSL Warlock / Disc Priest / MM Hunter

In 2s, Warlocks will find the best success with a healer that has both CC and high damage potential. It can be played with another DPS due to high survivability and achieve great results.

In 3s, Warlocks, similar to Rogues, have a wide variety of viable comps. As they provide strong CC, high pressure, and survivability, they can achieve higher rankings with almost any comp. Warlocks will get the best results from playing with a Sub Rogue or Arms Warrior and a healer.


Difficulty: 8/10

Warrior is a highly demanded class in TBC PVP mainly due to the strong healing reduction effect with Mortal Strike and constant pressure with raw damage. Most Warriors play with either mace for RNG stuns or sword for big burst potential. Playing Warrior on a mediocre level can bring some success but mastering the class makes it day and night. Warriors that master their swing timers and stance dancing will without a doubt reach high ratings. Sadly, only Arms Warrior is viable in arena settings. Fury and Prot are not viable at all.

Pros and cons of Warriors in TBC PVP:

+ Great damage

+ The most consistent healing reduction (Mortal Strike)

+ Good survivability (Plate Armor, Shield, Disarm, Spell Reflect,…)

+ Surprisingly good CC (Intimidating Shout, Intercept stun, permanent slows,…)

– Can be kited rather easily

– Vulnerable to CC

– Hard to master

What are the best 2v2 arena comps for Warrior in TBC?


Arms Warrior / Resto Druid

Arms Warrior / Resto Shaman


Arms Warrior / Disc Priest

Arms Warrior / Holy Paladin

What are the best 3v3 arena comps for Warrior in TBC?


Arms Warrior / Resto Druid / SLSL Warlock (WLD)

Arms Warrior / Resto Druid / Sub Rogue (Batman cleave)

Arms Warrior / Resto Shaman / Ret Paladin

Arms Warrior / Resto Druid / Disc Priest (Double-healer)


Arms Warrior / Enh Shaman / Resto Druid (Turbocleave)

Arms Warrior / Frost Mage / Resto Druid (WMD)

Arms Warrior / Feral Druid / Resto Shaman

Arms Warrior / MM Hunter / Healer (Any)

In 2s, Warriors best friends are without a doubt Resto guys. Resto Druid can help Warrior with damage and CC, Resto Shaman can put down the Windfury totem and Purge his target. Disc Priest is strong in both of these situations but Warrior can´t effectively peel for him and thus Priest becomes much more vulnerable.

In 3s, Warrior can play in many viable comps. He has strong damage and burst potential and thus can be combined with any high CC class that helps him set up a kill. Arms and Ret with Resto Shaman can 100-0 any target with a WF proc and Double-healer just wears down enemies in longer fights.

What about Duels?

Personally, I don´t pay much attention to duels but objectively (based on what class can beat most other classes) the most powerful classes are Sub Rogue and SLSL Warlock. They will CC their enemy for a long time while keeping themselves alive with superior defensive abilities.

Other than Rogues and Warlocks, I would say Druids and Mages but it really becomes Rock > Paper > Scissors at this point. For example, Hunter will beat most melee classes > Hunter will lose to most casters and Warriors have a hard time beating anyone.

Mastering your class in a duel scenario will grant you an edge when you are left in a 1v1 situation in the arena. It will also increase your overall experience with the game so if you are bored, train this way.

What about Battlegrounds?

In BGs, anything goes. Really. If your main objective is playing battlegrounds and having fun with your friends, play whatever you enjoy the most. There are no Rated BGs in TBC and thus there isn´t any "meta". Knowing what to do in BGs at any given time is essential and if you want to increase your chances of winning, focus on this.


1. So what is the best arena comp?

There is none. Some comps have higher chances of winning against other comps and no matter the comp, every single one has counters and you will face them all. All of the comps in this list in TIER 1 and even some comps from TIER 2 have the potential to reach RANK 1. It all depends on your skill and skill of your partners, some luck, and matches that you will face.

2. Can I play non-meta comp in arenas and reach higher ratings?

Playing an inferior comp will surely put you at a disadvantage. There´s no arguing about that. If you choose to play Holy Paladin / Fury Warrior, it will be extremely hard (if not outright impossible) to reach high ratings. You have to consider two factors – one is what spec do you want to play, the second is what your goal is. You have to make compromises somewhere down the line.

3. Can I reach Gladiator by playing a meta comp?

No, playing a stronger comp doesn´t instantly make you good at the game. There will be hundreds of other meta-comps and sooner or later you will meet them. At this moment it´s a game of skill, knowledge, cooperation, and luck.

If you have any other questions or you think I made an error somewhere, please let me know in the comments.


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