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The Warcraft universe is my absolute favorite fantasy universe of all time. Here is why.

Content of the article: "The Warcraft universe is my absolute favorite fantasy universe of all time. Here is why."

Factions/races.There are so goddamn many of them, and they all have an interesting history to explore. The people from the different factions all look, act and sound very differently. You could even tell what faction a character is from just by its personality and the things it says. And you can never get the factions confused by the looks too. If you look at a Warcraft character, you instantly realise it's race without even having to think or analyze the character.

And yes, I know that plenty of other fantasy universes have a ton of factions/races in them but there is something that makes Warcraft different in that perspective. And that is that there are no pure good or evil factions whatsoever (with the exception of the demons and maybe the faceless ones being pure evil).

If you look at something like Lord of the Rings, it's pretty clear that the hobbits are pure good (humans and elves are pure good too, as long as they don't get near the ring), and that the orcs are pure evil. And that's mostly it. Warcraft on the other hand twists this a little, and adds dark sides to the supposed good guys, and understandable motives to the supposed bad guys. Here are two examples of races that seem pure good or bad on the surface, but are actually not:

The undead scourge. They seem like huge jerks that simply want to destroy Azeroth as a whole, but that couldn't be farther from the truth. Yes, they DO have evil morals, but there is a reason on why they did everything they did. The undead has one goal, and one goal only: survive. And in order to do that, they constantly have to kill living creatures to get fresh corpses, and they also have to deal with enemies that would be powerful enough to wipe them out if they would win (aka, the demons). After the events of Wacraft 3 Reign of Chaos, the undead had LOTS of opportunities to wipe out everyone in Azeroth, but they didn't do it, since they NEED living creatures, and they were completely fine with having just Quel'Thalas and Lordaeron. As we all know, those two kingdoms were conquered by the Forsaken and the Blood Elves, so the Scourge needed new territories, and they ended up going for Stormwind and Orgrimmar in WoW. So overall, the undead definitely ARE the bad guys, but they actually don't want to kill everyone just for the sake of it, and they actually just want to survive, and that's mostly it, lol.

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The draenei. To me they definitely seem like one of the kindest races in the Wacraft universe. They were the ones that refused to join the demons, so they can spread the light and good around, while also safeguarding all life. And while that is true, they do come with a lot of flaws. For one, they left Akama's brethren alone after they got cursed, even though they REALLY needed help, and ended up joining Illidan, just so they can FINALLY put an end to their war with the orcs, because the Sha'tar had no intentions of helping whatsoever. They're also very judgemental towards others, even when they have aligning goals with them (we can see this in how they were thinking about Maiev, for instance). I haven't really played WoW as much, but in the Shadows of Hatred custom campaign on Wacraft 3, you could clearly see how the main dreanei leaders don't exactly like and trust Maiev at all, lol. And then there are the Naaru, their gods that they are looking up to. As most of you probably know, Xe'ra was one of these, and she literally wanted to force the light into Illidan in a painful way that gets rid of all his previous magics, DESPITE the fact that Illidan has clearly said "No, I don't want this". And if THIS is what the draenei are looking up to, then they might have some problems with their morals….

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But then again, do keep in mind that the Scourge is still evil, and the Sha'tar are still good, it's just that they aren't truly black and white, which gives the lore a neat amount of depth, and it also makes it a lot more fun, as you have lots of different motivations and ideals all around, which makes for some very interesting storytelling opportunities.

But that's just how I view the Wacraft lore. What do you like about the Wacraft lore the most? Do you think that there are actually some factions that ARE pure good or pure evil? Or do you agree with my general analogy that I made about the Wacraft races? Comment down below!


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