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The World of Warcraft Discord has a serious mod abuse problem with “Elle”

Content of the article: "The World of Warcraft Discord has a serious mod abuse problem with “Elle”"

I realize this subreddit isn't directly tied to the discord, but as they're both official channels for the community, I felt it appropriate to post my grievance here:

In the past 24 hours, one of the mods, by the name of Elliana, has attacked me twice, and now banned me entirely from the discord.

  • The first instance:

I asked the general chat who they thought their favorite character in BfA was. I suggested Bwonsamdi. (this was just a topic pitch for discussion). Elle rebutted by saying that bwonsamdi was derivative. I suggested that lots of characters were inspired by others.

Elle says: Stop "mansplaining" to me. dishes out a few other minor belittling comments.

—– what—–

So that completely derailed the discussion, and I was left insulted and just dropped the chat. I don't get why a mod would lash out suddenly with a gender-based defense like that.

  • Second instance:

People were later talking about the death of Chadwick Boseman. Same day.

One user asked the chat about who they thought might replace the role of black panther in future films.

Elle **Reprimanded** the user because Elle believed that "The actor just died" and that it was immensely disrespectful to value the films over the life of someone. I suggested that it was fine to think about who would replace a major role. TV shows like Spartacus did the same when Andy Whitfield died in season 1. I mentioned to Elle that it didn't seem disrespectful or negate any kind of mourning for a character to think about what the future might hold.

**AGAIN** Elle reprimands me, and mutes me from the chat for 6 hours, telling me that I should have some common decency.

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So I make my case in a DM, knowing it'll probably do very little, saying that it's not her role to dictate what people's worldview should be like if it's not breaking the rules of the discord.

**So she accuses me of "Mansplaining" a second time. I'm not sure i was even explaining anything at this point, nor am I even sure that Elle is a woman, and even if she was, I don't think this is an appropriate use of this term as it manipulates the conversation into being a gendered issue when it isn't.**

—-and she bans me from the discord entirely.


Is this the calibre of behavior that mods are being held to in the discord now or what? I'm extremely disappointed and confused. Idk if anyone in this subreddit has any kind of contact with the discord mods, but having one just running around blasting people they disagree with, and extrapolating large issues out of small small ones (i.e. asking about a casting = apparently devaluing human life) is completely ludicrous.

Edit: I should add that I've never been banned from any discord before, and never used any kind of personal attacks during my discourse there. Elle, on the other hand, litters general chat with insults and bad language (F*** etc.) I'm utterly confused why mods aren't held to the same behavioral standards that regular users are.


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