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Theory – The Jailor’s Impostor

Warning: Wall of Text. But it's worth it if you love rabbit holes. TL;DR at the very bottom

Zovaal the Jailer was imprisoned by the Eternal Ones, the Pantheon of Death. Sentenced to be the Jailer of the damned within the Maw for all Eternity. Now The Jailer is rising back up to take revenge against those he imprisoned, and to reshape the cosmos. Or is he?

I don't think this entity_Maw.jpg) (img link) that we've been calling "The Jailer" is truly Zovaal, the Jailer (img link) .

So we've all probably heard the speculation and theories that the Runecarver is Primus (img links) . But the only seeming similarities are that they're both masked humanoids, and that the Primus disappeared while nobody knows where the Runecarver came from. It may seem like coincidence so people put them together. There's no coincidence, but I say they are far from the same, just look at the hands, completely different.

Now you look at the Runecarver and the Zovaal the Jailer concept art. The similarities structure, skin, the clothing/armor, and yes, even the hands. They're far more similar to each other than the Runecarver being Primus. The only difference is the face, which is beared on Zovaal and mask-covered on the Runecarver.

Now the entity we've been referring to as "The Jailer" (henceforth refereed to as The Impostor) looks nothing like The Jailer's artwork. From the clawed, to normal hands, to the face (structure and tattoos), to the armor/clothing, to even the skin. The Imposter has a giant hole in his chest, much reflecting the arbiter. Zovaal and The Runecarver don't.

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If you haven't seen where I've been taking this yet, I'll spell it out. The Runecarver is Zovaal the Jailer, while the entity we've been fighting is simply an Impostor.

Next we have power-levels. The Pantheon of death has been referred to as Titan-Level, while The Imposter has been referred to as Titan++. If The Imposter wasn't an imposter, he should be at the same level as the rest of the Pantheon no?

Now we have the other Eternal Ones. Denathrius is a wildcard, he could've known or not known, hard to say. Now The Impostor obviously wants WQ and The Archon to think that he's The Jailer, for some reason, blaming him for his actions. Maybe this was simply to get Dena on his side, maybe it was to make the others not realize what was going on. Who knows. But neither WQ or the Archon has seen or heard him directly. The closest thing they've come to is hearing him through Anduin or other "messengers". So obviously they wouldn't have been able to call it out yet since they haven't seen or heard him.

The Primus going missing just helps The Impostor. The Primus was the most suspicious of Zovaal and thought he was going to betray, even to the lengths that he would make contingencies and recordings. Now if The Impostor left Primus alone he might've had the gull to go out and do something and ruin his plans. But if Primus simply vanished his contingencies would kick in, making it really seem like Zovaal is actually behind this.

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So what is This Imposter? While I got a 2 theories.

1) The Imposter is a previous arbiter, from before The Eternal Ones took over. The Eternal Ones thought him dealt with and no longer a threat. This explains the giant hole in his chest that has brought a lot of theories connecting him to the Arbiter.

2) He's simply some cosmic entity sentenced to the maw upon his death/defeat. He may not even be aligned to the realm of Death.

Regardless of his true origin, it doesn't matter to my next rabbit hole. This is a connected rabbit hole, but a different one. Nathrezim. So we've seen that the Nathrezim are making a comeback in this next patch, and with the connection from that book that heavily implies the Nathrezim are in on The Imposter's plot, I think they might know that The Imposter isn't Zovaal.

The Dreadlords may be working fully for The Imposter, possibly even being his creation in the first place. It may even explain Denathrius' role in all of this. Denathrius has definitely had heavy speculation on him being related to the Dreadlords. But perhaps her was empowered by The Imposter, perhaps as a mole within the Eternal Ones from the beginning, being empowered enough to take control of Revendreth when the other Eternal Ones took control of the other zones. If Dena had been empowered by The Imposter, and the dreadlords created by him, it would explain all the connections (from the book to the appearance) between the two.

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What do y'all think?

Disclaimer: It's 2 am, I've had a bit of Vodka and a margarita.

TLDR: The entity claiming to be the Jailor is simply an Imposter. Zovaal the Jailor is actually the Runecarver.


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