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There’s been a second hotfix for world buffs just now?

Content of the article: "There’s been a second hotfix for world buffs just now?"

Hi I'm the dev of NovaWorldBuffs, it seems like there's been a second hotfix for world buffs to make the buff drop on both layers but without starting the NPC dialogue for both? Handing in the head on one layer no longer triggers the event on both layers, it just applies the buff to everyone on both layers instead. But in applying this hotfix they have also removed some of the data that was sent to the client when you gained this buff. The buff no longer comes from an NPC and just comes out of thin air so the source GUID is gone, this GUID is what addons use to determine things like what/who cast a buff on you, what zoneID they are in, and the difference between Nef and Ony since they cast the exact same buff. Rend buff still gives this GUID info but Ony/Nef both don't anymore, they were still giving this info after the first hotfix but stopped a couple of hours ago.

If you drop a buff on a layer with the NPC not in reset position on the other layer then the other layer still doesn't get the buff so I'm not sure if this change had the effect it was intended to. All this new change does is put the NPC's out of sync almost permanently and makes the issue even worse for the buff not dropping on both layers. Is this intended? Maybe this is just bugged atm?

Blizzard if you see this and it's not just a bug could you please attach the source GUID back to the combat log event from the NPC the head was handed in to like it was before? Thanks.

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Edit: There has to be a better way of making this work, can't the NPC just be instantly reset back to the start position and it's event started on all other layers when a buff is handed in? Or just make the NPC on all other layers push the aoe buff event even if they aren't reset? Keep the old method in tact somehow but make it run on all layers no matter what when any buff is handed in.

Edit2: I did test and confirm the buff does not drop on layers still on cooldown for both Ony and Nef hand ins on the Arugal realm after this change, before I made this post.


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