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Three Warcraft Class Concepts for the Future!

Here are some Class ideas that I think would work well in the future, if they ever do choose to add new classes. They are short and sweet, let me know what you think. This is inspired by other great class concepts that I've read in the past, I have tried to distill these down to be as simple, but as unique and self-explanatory as possible. I have also tried to place an emphasis on adding Healers and Ranged DPS playstyles, as they have been very underrepresented by new classes.

Dragonsworn: Cloth Wearer. Dragonsworn are mortals chosen by the Dragon Flights to carry on their legacies, as they trend towards extinction.

Restoration (Healer): Red and Green Dragon-based, based on a fire and rebirth theme, the cycle of new life sprouting after a forest fire.

Chronomancy (Healer): Blue and Bronze Dragon-based, time-damage-reversal magic. Want to be Chromie? Play as a Chronomancy Dragonsworn Gnome.

Destruction (Ranged DPS): Black and Twilight Dragon-based, a blend of fire, earth and shadow. Somewhere between a Destro Warlock and a Shadow Priest, lava tentacles are mandatory. A spec that would make Deathwing proud.

Necromancer: Cloth Wearer. Necromancers are magic casters that draw on the powers discovered in the Shadowlands to bring doom to their enemies.

Unholy (Ranged DPS): Maldraxxus-themed, abominations, bone spikes and plagues. Classic Necromancer theme and playstyle.

Blood (Ranged DPS): Venthyr-themed, life drain-centred, it will be the Blood Mage playstyle fantasy, Kael in SL is currently the best example of what this could be.

Decay (Ranged DPS): Drust-themed, rot and fungus, functionally an anti-Resto Druid. Though decay is a fundamental force in the WoW cosmology there are no playstyles dedicated to it.

Tinker: Mail Wearer. Engineers and Alchemists who see their work as much more than a Profession.

Mechanical (Tank): Shredder pilot, race-specific Mech designs. Functions like Guardian Druid, in that you're always in-Mech when tanking.

Electrical (Ranged DPS): Gadgets, turrets, drones, and tech-enhanced attacks. Uses guns, like Borderlands Soldier class.

Alchemical (Healer): Mixing, throwing and spraying flasks full of buffing/healing potions at party members. Acid flasks could be used offensively, or even love potions to temporarily charm groups of mobs. It is the Apothecary playstyle fantasy.


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