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Time investment is an important factor that separates retail and classic as games

Time investment is what separates retail and classic as games.

In retail people measure your worthiness as a player based off skill, ilvl and whether youre playing a meta spec. But in classic, you are judged on whether you put time in farming your pre-bis, did you decide to get buffs, are you showing up to raids each week. Classic players respect those who put time in to the game. When I see a fully geared boomkin, I don't think "wow what a waste on a useless spec when they could be resto" – I think how awesome it is that they invested so much time and effort in to playing what they want to.

People don't realise that paid boosts takes away from this respect for time investment. In retail your time isn't respected, if you're not a meta spec or max ilvl, they'll just find someone else or tell you to reroll to a meta spec. This isnt an issue to the playerbase because leveling and gearing up a character all up takes about a 1-2 weeks. But this is a massive problem to the classic versions of the game. The mentality shifts from respect for your character and time investment, to just play another character because "it's not that bad to just buy a boost and gear anyways". How would you feel if you were told to just use a 58 boost and make a new character?

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Have you ever noticed that for retail the biggest complaints are usually around Alts? Everyone on retail has at least 2-3 max level characters that are geared within the first content patch, blizzard literally has design systems around allowing players to gear up several characters without a lot of time investment. This is an inevitable result of over the years players being able to max out characters. What happens in a year time when people start asking for cross character reputation gains and other barriers preventing mass alts? What happens when they offer a 68 boost for wotlk as well? The problem only gets worse

Why do we hate dungeon boosting and gold buyers? Because they devalue time investment and get a cheap easy way to get ahead. What's the point of grinding gold for 20 hours when you can just pay $15 for it? Blizzard seriously needs to deal with the botting/gold buyer issues, and just offering 58 boosts is not it. Also leveling times are getting reduced with TBC, so the arguments for it taking forever aren't as accurate, especially when you have plenty of time prior to TBC to do so. I understand that for some leveling sucks, and it's not an experience they want. But it's a necessary barrier that makes the game and the community the way it is.

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The biggest thing about the classic versions of the game is your time investment and effort in to your characters. There is no easy swapping to whats meta, and having a huge arsenal of choice. Players respect your time investment, but the second you start devaluing this time investment, the player base mentality will become more toxic and you will be excluded for not playing what others want.


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